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A Message From Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. One Year After the Historic Rally in Berlin: “It’s Time For (peaceful) Civil Disobedience!”
Lockdown efficiency
700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028 – Dr. David Martin
Six Month Safety and Efficacy of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 Vaccine 10.00%
Short Video on India Situation: What does the Current Data Say? 60.00%
The first statistics for 2020 indicate that there is no pandemic and there has never been 70.00%
Fixeringen vid antal döda med covid-19 är vilseledande 80.00%
Death by Lockdown 80.00%
Full lockdown policies in Western Europe countries have no evident impacts on the COVID-19 epidemic. 90.00%
Initial estimates of Excess Deaths from COVID-19 90.00%
Did CDC Deliberately Mislead Public on Allergic Reactions to Moderna Vaccine? 90.00%
Vaccination in Israel: Challenging mortality figures? 95.00%
No effect of Lockdown and Social Distancing on Covid 19 mortality 100.00%
A country level analysis measuring the impact of government actions, country preparedness and socioeconomic factors on COVID-19 mortality and related health outcomes 100.00%
Modeling social distancing strategies to prevent SARS-CoV2 spread in Israel- A Cost-effectiveness analysis 100.00%
COVID19 vaccination increases mortality of unvaccinated European children 100.00%
Exploring inter-country coronavirus mortality 100.00%
A dialogue about injection safety and efficacy between Pastor Askofu Gwajima and Dr. Mike Yeadon. 100.00%
Association between living with children and outcomes from COVID-19: an OpenSAFELY cohort study of 12 million adults in England 100.00%
Factchecking the Factcheckers - Full Fact against Mike Yeadon 100.00%
Whistleblower Lawsuit! Government Medicare Data Shows 48,465 DEAD Following COVID Shots 100.00%
Why Did US Deaths Shoot Up 40% Above Normal Last Year? 100.00%
The Global Report on Covid 19 by World Doctors alliance etc 100.00%