Title Average Ratingsort ascending
Effects of Intravenous Ketamine on Explicit and Implicit Measures of Suicidality in Treatment-Resistant Depression 100.00%
A randomized trial of an N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist in treatment-resistant major depression. 95.00%
A preliminary naturalistic study of low-dose ketamine for depression and suicide ideation in the emergency department. 90.00%
Cellular Mechanisms Underlying the Antidepressant Effects of Ketamine: Role of the AMPA receptor. 90.00%
Ketamine Treatment for Refractory Anxiety: A systematic review 90.00%
Repeated intravenous ketamine therapy in a patient with treatment-resistant major depression. 80.00%
Anterior Cingulate Desynchronization and Functional Connectivity with the Amygdala During a Working Memory Task Predict Rapid An 80.00%
The mTOR signaling pathway in the prefrontal cortex is compromised in major depressive disorder. 80.00%
Be prudent of ketamine in treating resistant depression in patients with cancer. 80.00%
The Ketamine Model of the Near Death Experience: A Central Role for the NMDA Receptor 80.00%
Long-term treatment with oral ketamine : Case report of a female patient with therapy-resistant post-herpetic neuralgia 70.00%
Ketamine in the treatment of Depression 70.00%
Acute administration of ketamine induces antidepressant-like effects in the forced swimming test and increases BDNF levels in th 70.00%
Intravenous ketamine therapy in a patient with a treatment-resistant major depression. 70.00%
Increased Response to Ketamine Following Treatment at Long Intervals: Implications for Intermittent Use. 60.00%
Ketamine for suicidality: an umbrella review