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”Jag håller inte med dig men jag lovar att gå in i döden för din rätt att säga det du tycker.” 100.00%
Endectocides as a complementary intervention in the malaria control program: a systematic review 100.00%
The need for ibogaine in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. 100.00%
HCQ is effective for COVID-19 when used early: analysis of 132 studies 100.00%
No effect of Lockdown and Social Distancing on Covid 19 mortality 100.00%
Ivermectin for preventing and treating COVID-19 100.00%
CHLORINE DIOXIDE: A safe and potentially effective solution to overcome COVID-1 100.00%
HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya Raises Concern in the Developing World 100.00%
Review of scientific reports of harms caused by face masks, up to February 2021 100.00%
Hydrogen: A Potential New Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19 Patients 100.00%
Swedish: Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committe October 22, 2020, Meeting Presentation 100.00%
C****-19 Attributed Cases and Deaths are Statistically Higher in States and Counties with 5th Generation Millimeter Wave Wireless Telecommunications in the United States. 100.00%
Nigella sativa for the treatment of COVID-19: An open-label randomized controlled clinical trial 100.00%
Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G 100.00%
Intermittent androgen deprivation therapy: redefining the standard of care? 100.00%
The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier 100.00%
Low-dose naltrexone for disease prevention and quality of life. 95.00%
Dichloroacetate (DCA) as a potential metabolic-targeting therapy for cancer. 95.00%
Metronomic chemotherapy: changing the paradigm that more is better. 90.00%
Pomegranate juice: a heart-healthy fruit juice. 90.00%
The Biofield Hypothesis: Its Biophysical Basis and Role in Medicine 90.00%
Obesity, hyperinsulinemia and breast cancer: novel targets and a novel role for metformin. 90.00%
Is it time to test metformin in breast cancer clinical trials? 90.00%
Immune-modifying and antimicrobial effects of Eucalyptus oil and simple inhalation devices 90.00%
Medicinal plants and cancer chemoprevention. 90.00%
Randomized Trials of Selenium, Vitamin E, or Vitamin C for Prostate Cancer Prevention 90.00%
Immunomodulatory effects of opioids. 90.00%
The use of mushroom glucans and proteoglycans in cancer treatment. 90.00%
Current impediments to acceptance of the ultraviolet-B-vitamin D-cancer hypothesis. 90.00%
Albumin Concentration Controls Cancer 90.00%
Has the Evidence of Asymptomatic Spread of COVID-19 been Significantly Overstated? 90.00%
Hyperthermia adds to chemotherapy. 90.00%
Vitamin D for cancer prevention: global perspective. 90.00%
Improving conventional or low dose metronomic chemotherapy with targeted antiangiogenic drugs. 90.00%
Impact of antioxidant supplementation on chemotherapeutic toxicity: a systematic review of the evidence from randomized ........ 90.00%
The present state of antineoplaston research (1) 90.00%
Valproic acid: an old drug newly discovered as inhibitor of histone deacetylases. 90.00%
The Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations—We Should Rethink the Policy 90.00%
Why are tumour blood vessels abnormal and why is it important to know? 90.00%
Systems biology: a therapeutic target for tumor therapy. 86.67%
The anti-angiogenic basis of metronomic chemotherapy. 85.00%
Antitumor properties and modulation of antioxidant enzymes' activity by Aloe vera leaf active principles isolated via supercriti 80.00%
Boswellic acids: biological actions and molecular targets. 80.00%
Newcastle disease virus as an oncolytic agent. 80.00%
Ozonbehandling, för bra för att vara sant? 80.00%
Enhanced radiation sensitivity and radiation recall dermatitis (RRD) after hypericin therapy – case report and review of literat 80.00%
Treatment of acute promyelocytic leukaemia with all-trans retinoic acid and arsenic trioxide: a paradigm of synergistic molecula 80.00%
Review of Russian ezrin peptide treatment of acute viral respiratory disease and virus induced pneumonia; a potential treatment for covid-19 80.00%
Corticosteroids in COVID-19: Is it Rational? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 80.00%
The emerging low-dose therapy for advanced cancers. 80.00%
Carrageenan nasal spray may double the rate of recovery from coronavirus and influenza virus infections: Re-analysis of randomized trial data 80.00%
Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis of Survival and Psychosomatic Self-regulation from Published Prospective Controlled Cohort 80.00%
Modified citrus pectin anti-metastatic properties: one bullet, multiple targets. 80.00%
How to optimize vitamin D supplementation to prevent cancer, based on cellular adaptation and hydroxylase enzymology. 80.00%
Opiates and infection. 80.00%
Lipidomics: the function of vital lipids in embryogenesis preventing autism spectrum disorders, treating sterile inflammatory di 80.00%
Willmar Schwabe Award 2006: antiplasmodial and antitumor activity of artemisinin--from bench to bedside. 80.00%
Variations of the piriformis and sciatic nerve with clinical consequence: a review 80.00%
view Article Nanoneurotherapeutics approach intended for direct nose to brain delivery 80.00%
A systematic review of experimental evidence for antiviral effects of ivermectin and an in-silico analysis of ivermectin's possible mode of action against SARS-CoV-2 80.00%
Regional hyperthermia in high-risk soft tissue sarcomas. 80.00%
Clinical applications of magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia. 80.00%
Presence of nanobacteria in psammoma bodies of ovarian cancer: evidence for pathogenetic role in intratumoral biomineralization. 80.00%
Novel dammarane-type sapogenins from Panax ginseng berry and their biological activities. 70.00%
Hypoxia in cancer: significance and impact on clinical outcome. 70.00%
Angiogenesis and cancer: A cross-talk between basic science and clinical trials (the "do ut des" paradigm). 70.00%
Energy metabolism, proteotoxic stress and age-related dysfunction - protection by carnosine. 70.00%
Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on mental health of children and adolescents: A narrative review with recommendations 70.00%
Radiosurgery for spinal malignant tumors. 70.00%
Chloroquine and its analogs: a new promise of an old drug for effective and safe cancer therapies. 70.00%
Boswellia serrata: An Overall Assessment of In Vitro, Preclinical, Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Data. 70.00%
Carrageenan-containing over-the-counter nasal spray may double the rate of recovery from coronavirus and influenza virus infections, Re-analysis of randomized trial and oral sprays inhibit SARS-CoV-2 infection of airway epithelial cultures 70.00%
Garlic, or Allium sativum: a review of its potential use as an anti-cancer agent. 70.00%
Effects of opioids on the immune system. 70.00%
The Outcome of Hydroxychloroquine in Patients Treated for COVID-19: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 70.00%
The Challenges of Vaccine Development Against Betacoronaviruses: Antibody Dependent Enhancement and Sendai Virus as a Possible Vaccine Vector 70.00%
Hyperthermia and Immunity. A Brief Overview 70.00%
Clinical results of N-acetylcysteine after major hepatic surgery: a review. 70.00%
Myalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome following immunization: macrophagic myofasciitis and animal studies support linkage to aluminum adjuvant persistency and diffusion in the immune system 70.00%
Antiangiogenic (metronomic) chemotherapy for brain tumors: current and future perspectives. 70.00%
Ozone Therapy as a Possible Option in COVID-19 Management 70.00%
Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis, and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines 70.00%
Circulating tumor cells in gastrointestinal malignancies: current techniques and clinical implications. 70.00%
Anti-cancer drugs that target metabolism, is dichloroacetate the new paradigm? 70.00%
The Long History of Vitamin C: From Prevention of the Common Cold to Potential Aid in the Treatment of COVID-19 70.00%
Todoxin against AIDS/HIV 66.67%
Fatalities Temporally Associated with the Ingestion of Ibogaine. 60.00%
Unique safety issues associated with virus-vectored vaccines: Potential for and theoretical consequences of recombination with wild type virus strains 60.00%
Meta-analysis of randomized trials of ivermectin to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection 60.00%
Anti-angiogenic therapies for metastatic colorectal cancer. 60.00%
Melatonin interferes with COVID-19 at several distinct ROS-related steps 60.00%
Antiangiogenic drugs currently used for colorectal cancer: what other pathways can we target to prolong responses? 60.00%
Correlation Between 3790 Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction–Positives Samples and Positive Cell Cultures, Including 1941 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Isolates 60.00%
Unconventional anticancer agents: a systematic review of clinical trials. 60.00%
Chinese herbal medicine for COVID-19: Current evidence with systematic review and meta-analysis 60.00%
Review. Current role and future perspectives of hyperthermia for prostate cancer treatment. 60.00%
Clinical management of adrenocortical carcinoma 60.00%
Review on molecular and therapeutic potential of thymoquinone in cancer. 60.00%
Vitamin D and prostate cancer risk: a review of the epidemiological literature. 60.00%