Dr. Daniele Ganser über Angst vor Corona, Armut und Diktatur (Dominik Kettner 27. November 2020)


Dr Reinhard Fuellmueller court case will see if system still functions as it have to decide independently. cannot have Merkel being judge and jury for her actions.
Only in an autocracy the person in power gives orders and also is the judge.

The fear of the virus, fear of poverty , fear of dictatorship, maybe fear of loneliness.
People have been paralysed/ in shock by some form of fear.
Need to establish what they are afraid of and diminish the fear to mobilise people to start fighting for their freedoms and bodily autonomy. Best to try and have sensible discussions especially with families do figure what their fear is
About vaccines should assume that all judges are not corrupt and can fight in courts against mandatory vaccines or restrictions if unvaccinated.

The fear of the viruses , poverty , dictatorship and their interactions

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Just a thought – about vaccines- maybe approach people what is the worst that can happen if get the virus or get the vaccine( I mention to people years of suffering from an auto-immune / motor neurone  disease) . Also maybe bring up that you are confused , to explain to you how they work and how they protect one to make them think more rational.
in an interview with Dr Tennpenny’s i, the interviewer told her family if they take the vaccine and get injuries they will be on their own, she warned them of the adverse reactions, she will not look after them or help .


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