The Virus Misconception



The Virus Misconception- Nov 29, 2020


As a former clinician  the research produced in the lab  or through epidemiological studies is  often irrelavant , has little clinical application or  often does not correlate with reality .

Would be interesting to see discussions  by specialist in respiratory diseases on how they came up with the theory of viral transmission and infection by using  sound scientific evidence.  It is impossible to prove  in vivo or via any credible research  unless you make it up to fit a theory.

It is impossible to design reasearch that takes into account  all the factors in biology , such as, physiology, biochemistry , immunology, genetics etc  . Just showing some nice pictures and theories in books does not prove anything and is more reminescent of junk science.

An example in this article, there is no mention of any research  but it is because we tell you so.
'To understand how viruses cause disease we must first set some ground rules about viruses' .' 
'Now that we have established some ground rules about viruses, let’s discuss thoroughly how viruses cause disease.
So basically lets make it up  and, then, impress you with some pretty pictures.

And if  one wants to use a control group ,especially for 'airborne viruses'  , the dental staff  are the best example. Before 'coronanvirus'   airborne 'viral' infection was of little consequence in dental setting. Considering the environment and  airborne theory of transmission , ( including asymptomatic or mild symptomatic   or the potential to be more infectioous while infected but before you show symptoms) the dental staff,  theoretically , breathing in 8 hours of  aerosol, a mixture of blood and saliva ,  full of ' viruses  ' from many people should be constantly sick with some viral  infection. One can go back years when they were not wearing masks and gloves, did not have todays infection control protocols  and often used just disinfection as opposed to sterlization so the  potential risk of cross-infection between patients was  potentially higher but did not seem to happen often.

Also dental clinics were late to adopt PPE or shut down during lockdown , so theoretically , in this' pandemic ', should have high cases of infections.  There is no outcry that dental staff have succumb to 'coronavirus' or died of it.




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