Air Pollution, Biodiesel, Glyphosate , 5G, Vaccines And Covid-19- Part 2

Air Pollution, Biodiesel, Glyphosate and Covid-19

Dr. Stephanie Seneff  
'There is growing evidence that Covid-19 is a different disease in different parts of the world. I suspect that the reason for the gross differences in susceptibility is the underlying toxicity burden of the popula­tion in each region. Most striking are the major hot spots around the world, starting with Wu­han itself and then branching out to include the Lombardy region of Italy and the northeastern part of the United States. All of these hot spots share a common thread of a high rate of adop­tion of fuels derived from biomass. And nearly all of the biomass sources are probably heavily contaminated with glyphosate.

Air pollution has been recognized as a significant factor in increasing the population’s infection rate. Both the nitrogen oxides and the nanoparticles are surely contributing factors, but glyphosate may be the key factor that dis­tinguishes the toxic effects of biodiesel as com­pared to standard diesel fuel. This hypothesis needs to be verified by scientific experiments, but in the meantime it behooves us to take a closer look at the potential pitfalls of continued growth in the technology that produces fuels from glyphosate-contaminated biomass.'

'Glyphosate also causes sulfate deficiency "in so many ways," Seneff says, "it's almost like it's a perfect storm," and impairs the heme pathway. '(


'The jury is still out on the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine, promoted by President Trump as a potentially powerful treatment op­tion for Covid-19. The doctor who introduced this idea to him was Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, a doctor in New York City who claimed considerable success on his patients with Covid-19. One thing not often mentioned is that the treatment also included zinc sulfate supplements, and this aspect is probably very important. The drug is a zinc ionophore, and as such it promotes zinc uptake, which may be one of its primary benefits. However, the drug is usually administered as hydroxychloroquine sulfate, so it too is providing sulfate to the patient. Strangely most practitioners never consider the idea that sulfate might be a crucial component of the drug or zinc supplement.

Heparin is the most highly sulfated molecule known to biology, and heparin is another therapy that is showing promise in treating Covid-19.68It improved coagulation dysfunction, as evidenced by sharp reductions in D-dimer, and also exerted anti-inflammatory effects by reducing the levels of the inflammatory cytokine Il-6, as well as increasing the abun­dance of disease-fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes).'


Connecting the Dots: Glyphosate and COVID-19-BY STEPHANIE SENEFF, PHD

Dr Stephanie Seneff
'I cannot claim to have proven that glyphosate is causing the weakened immune system and lung damage that sets up a susceptibility to an acute response to COVID-19. Science is a process of inquiry and we must keep inquiring. However, the circumstantial evidence is compelling and more research is needed. I hope I will inspire scientific researchers who have the necessary skills to further explore this hypothesis.'

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