Hysteria: More Contagious Than the Flu ,

Hysteria: More Contagious Than the Flu 

with Dr. Tedd Koren

He explains why the virus may not justify the hype. He cites: the fact that the coronavirus has not been identified as contagious (by the measure of Koch’s Postulates), the low death rate (compared to initial predictions), the lack of proof that social distancing works, and how fear can be a tool for controlling the masses.
Life is full of risks,  we are all going to die , we always have a risk/ benefit.
They are terrifying the public , you can do anything with computer models, you can justify anything. Garbage in, garbage out. 
They have made everyone hysterical, shut down the economy and took away a lot of freedoms.
They have expanded the power of the state, media and the pharmaceuticals. 
( What happened when vaccination rates declined in the UK in the 1980s, scare campaign via media that people are going to die, but they did not close  up everything .
the number of death of pertussis in England was the lowest that year ) 
There is no proof that social distancing does anything but people have become scared of each other.
No virus has been isolated and proven to exist, it is an entirely unscientific fallacy.
The WHO( world hysterics organisation),  Fauci and all his buddies are making everybody crazed. Politician do not know any better.
People bow to those in white coats, science has become our new religion.
Scientists  are people , they make mistakes,  they told us swine flu is coming, that AIDS  will wipe out populations, etc.
At the time we did not destroy our economies or lose our freedoms.
Why now? It is showing the power of the media, especially the internet. They realised they can control populations with hysterical reporting. They throw us into the hands of the pharmaceutical companies who make a large part of their advertising dollars.
It is a lot of collusion and politicians love hysteria - do not let a good crisis go to waste. It is the perfect storm for special interest groups to make everybody nuts and than show up as saviours. 
The flu as detoxing. 
1918 Killer flu again? Killer aspirin. 
Death rate high in medical hospitals low under chiropractic care.( now chiropractic care has become medicalised , taken over by the medical profession)
They used the new ‘wonder drug’ and told people to take a handful of aspirin 3x/day which was  not only toxic  but prevented them  from developing a fever  and  suppressed symptoms.
Symptoms may be unconformable but benificial , helps your body to detoxify.
People in medical care were given medication that preventing externalising the toxins and the death rate was abnormally high under medical care .
Same happened with SARS epidemic. Death were higher in Toronto, they found out what really happened . They were giving  people steroids, fever reducers and other symptoms reducers.
In China they additionally gave antiviral , like tamifu, these are highly immunosuppressive and cause serious health problems as the do not permit the body to detoxify and then people die.
The death rate is higher when you do suppressive care.
Eg. ankle sprain , the swelling may actually be necessary for healing , may need to let ourselves walk around on it, let ourselves feel the pain away so our bodies get stronger and let the healing happen.
When you work with nature you get better results.
If you permit children to get mumps, measles chickenpox the have less cancer, heart disease , strokes later in life. There are studies showing this.
Also we do not the the asthma, allergies, autism.
It is healthy for kids to get chickenpox , measles and mumps but need to manage people properly ie. hydration, broth, nutritional  and support  , do not scare them that they are going to die.
We need to reexamine how we treat pandemics and talk away the worries.
What kind of damage are we doing to our social fabric because we are scared of unseen , mysterious something in the air that suddenly appeared and we have no defence against.
We have a natural healing ability, if we did not we have died as a species years ago.
We need to talk of what works. Traditional/Ancestral ways were kept because they worked.
We did not have dumb theories to tell us, we just saw what worked and helped people, old school stuff ,rehydrate, broth,  enemas.
Why are the ‘ experts’ not suggesting to do all these old stuff things, build up your immunity through healthy habits?
In the old days homeopathic institutions used to give colonics for auto intoxication, , for colonic cleansing .
They stopped doing that when they developed colostomies.( colostomy bags)  There is a lot of money in colostomies but not much money in colonics. 
Do Fasting, cleansing diets,  do traditional ways  of healing.
Colostomies and vaccines say to people you are powerless, we are the once who can heal you especially with our man and women in white coats with letters after their names who are the ‘real’ experts who have given us Alzheimers, Autism, Dementia’s of all kinds, ADD, allergies, asthma. They have given us a generation of neurological , immunological damaged and sick children. 
By ignoring the ancient wisdom and what works  have created a generation of sickness.
When we ignore ancient wisdom we do so at our peril and there is a tremendous incentive to give people drugs. You make a lot of money from drugs and vaccines.
There is  place for allopathic medicine, there is a place for repair work but unfortunately the allopath have monopolised that.
But that is not healing, that is the body being put back together, that is repair work and there is nothing wrong  with that, we need people who fix wounds, burns, emergencies.
But maybe that is 10% or less of modern medicine, the rest you can throw out.
Quoting a famous attorney.  He said, in the top 10 diseases there is a natural, less expensive and safer alternative that works better.
Support bodies natural healing properties.
Trust your body, trust your instincts, listen to your grandmother, listen to the wisdom of life. 
Stop listening to experts, stop just accepting blindly what so called ‘experts’ say and see if it makes sense to you.
Western Price was an empiricist,  he said, I do not want to reinvent the wheel, there are so many diets and theories, I am going to go out and discover what works.That is why the Western Price  work is so powerful because it was based on reality. This is what kept people alive and healed them. We should do the same with health care.
Go to traditional ways that work, do not try every single gadget and drug out there. Do not jump into every single new vaccine, medicine and every chemical that is there.
Look at  the true cost/ benefit analysis.
( when he was a kid 4% of children were chronically ill, in about 2007 54% were chronically ill.)
Do not go against nature, do not suppress symptoms, work with the body, respect it use natural means. Natural healers remove blockages, help things moving along.
Anything that releases stress, physical, mental, spiritual will make a difference and heal people.
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