Is The Coronavirus Contagious?


Is The Coronavirus Contagious?
with Sally Fallon Morell OCTOBER 26, 2020 BY HILDA LABRADA GORE

Months into this worldwide health crisis, most parts of the world are still in lockdown or restrictive living mode. The assumption is that there is a contagious disease spreading, and we have to do what we can to sterilize our environment and stay apart from one another to avoid infection and death. Has the virus been proven to be contagious? Has it been proven to even be a virus in the first place?

She explains why what’s been labeled a virus may be a natural process and the body of cells shedding exosomes and she goes into how toxins in our environment like electromagnetic frequencies and air pollution may be the driving force behind this health crisis. She also offers insights about what is behind the mainstream narrative that points to a contagious pandemic.

Coronavirus' Hotspots
EMF(5G rollout) and air pollution( especially where biodiesel is used)

Biodiesel pollution is contaminated with roundup. diesel and glyphosate is a lethal combination.
Some of the lung surfactant that protects us has a collagen component to them. If glyphosate builds up on the surfactant than it will not work to protect your lungs.
Effect of mm waves are magnified when there is air pollution.
Eg. Nth Italy- some of the worst air pollution with most biodiesel fuel and rollout of 5G.

You do not need a virus to explain getting poisoned
Protection- need healthy saturated ( for for cell membrane integrity and good lung structure) , good diet, avoid toxins

It is not germ that kill you, they are there to clean up.
Bacteria clean up the dead tissue, ‘viruses’( exosomes) clean up toxins in your cells

Covid PCR test’
It is not finding viruses, finds little bits of genetic material that gets multiplied, if multiply so many times you get a positive.
You can set the test to get whatever result you want. ( eg now WHO recommends decreasing cycles - likely to show that the ‘vaccine’ works).The test is meaningless and useless and not used for diagnosis.
One should diagnose on symptoms, usually in people with pre-existing conditions, mostly the result of bad diets and toxins.

Masks are useless, nonsense falsehood.

The Germ Theory
Time to get rid of the germ theory which has been taken to the ultimate extreme .and has made everyone an enemy.
May take another 20 years to change the paradigm shift
Germ theory is wrong, no one has ever proven that germs or viruses cause a disease, it is just a superstition, a myth and irrational belief not based on science


Interesting interview, 3 minutes of adv. at start of podcast.

Is Coronavirus Contagious?

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