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Dear all,
I am a big 'fan' of using universal/sacred geometry as a basis for the logo because it is what lies at the basis of creation. I believe this is why many religions use it for their symbols. This geometry facilitates energy entering into form, including our own souls into our material body's (expressed via the petruvian man f.e.). The whole universe and every expression in it follow this geometric physics law (= rocksolid science). It is what literally unifies us. And the balance that it demonstrates is, to my believe, the way out of this mess (the only way out is in).
The brainwaves of children I work with with the blind vision also demonstrates this. When truly aligned (in harmony) we return to our purpose. United. In love and light.
This attached image is the fruit of life. To my knowledge it is the structure that contains all base structures (platonic solids) from which everything in existence arises. It is a universal scientific 'language' that shows where energy (light and sound frequency) and matter 'meet'. It is who we are.
I would propose the attached image (without the outer circle) as a basis for a logo, preferably in a yellow or golden color. It shows sacred and ever expanding unity, true love. It also works on the subconscious, triggers and awakens already present knowledge for us divine beings with amnesia ;) White magic ...
Regarding the logo's presented:
The first: the arms to me are hostile, like a scorpions tale. The arms also don't meet, they are unconnected. Although I understand many people prefer it due to a simple yet strong and easy to use form. To me it is not suitable
Rosa's logo's: from the three logo's the middle one speaks most to me, although I would remove the outer (containing) ring and I would prefer the yellow 'sun' instead of the heart in the middle.
The third: I do not really connect with the earth in the form of a heart. Although I would like the image of an illuminated or radiant heart.
Much love,
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Friday, December 4, 2020 - 10


This is a very beautiful logo, but in small format, it doesn't t work. It is more a beautiful piece of art than a logo.

Agreed - the idea behind it is very good and the pattern is actually well known and beloved around the world. If there would be a Logo with this in mind I would totally vote for it.