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Dr. Ryan Cole is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent labs in the State of Idaho. Dr. Cole is a Mayo Clinic trained Board Certified Pathologist.

He is Board Certified in anatomic and clinical pathology. He has expertise in immunology and virology and also has subspecialty expertise in skin pathology.

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Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19


 To compare the effect in the experimental group versus the control group, a test of comparison of proportions and their confidence intervals was performed for the general symptoms, and for the VAS and Likert criteria, a paired test using the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test (α: 95%) was performed . When comparing the experimental group with the control group on the seventh day after symptom manifestation, a significant difference was found in the experimental group with respect to the control group for the symptoms Fever (p: 0000), Cough (p: 0.0000), Chills (p: 0.0000) and Dyspnea (p: 0.0006). When performing the visual analogous comparison of pain in the control group and in the experimental group, it was found that in all the items that make up the scale decreased significantly in this group with respect to the control group (p: 0.0000; p:00017). On day 14 post-demonstration the difference was greater (p:0.000 ; p:0.0043). When evaluating both groups (Control and Experimental) in the laboratories, a difference was found for the values of the parameters PC Reactive on day 7 (p: 0.0001) and DH Lactate (0.0036), with higher scores for the experimental group; Dimero-D on day 7 (p: 0.0194) and on day 14 (p:0.0029) ; difference was found in all parameters. The results overall (p <0.05) demonstrate the hypothesis that chlorine dioxide is effective in the treatment of COVID19.

Conclusion: Chlorine dioxide is effective in the treatment of COVID19 and the mechanisms of action by which it acts to achieve it are proposed in this work. We recommend doing more research. We recommend conducting double-blind studies and delving into studies of toxicological safety and therapeutic efficacy of chlorine dioxide in pathologies of epidemiological impact in the near future.

Open Letter from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance regarding Covid-19 Vaccine Advice for Pregnant Women


Open Letter from the UK Medical Freedom Alliance to:

Mr Edward Morris President of the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists (RCOG) Prof Tim Draycott RCOG Vice president for Clinical Quality
Dr Jo Mountfield
RCOG Vice president for Workforce & Professionalism
Kathryn Gutteridge
President of the Royal College of Midwives (RCM)

Deuterium Depletion Inhibits Cell Proliferation, RNA and Nuclear Membrane Turnover to Enhance Survival in Pancreatic Cancer


The effects of deuterium-depleted water (DDW) containing deuterium (D) at a concentration of 25 parts per million (ppm), 50 ppm, 105 ppm and the control at 150 ppm were monitored in MIA-PaCa-2 pancreatic cancer cells by the real-time cell impedance detection xCELLigence method. The data revealed that lower deuterium concentrations corresponded to lower MiA PaCa-2 growth rate. Nuclear membrane turnover and nucleic acid synthesis rate at different D-concentrations were determined by targeted [1,2-13C2]-D-glucose fate associations. The data showed severely decreased oxidative pentose cycling, RNA ribose 13C labeling from [1,2-13C2]-D-glucose and nuclear membrane lignoceric (C24:0) acid turnover. Here, we treated advanced pancreatic cancer patients with DDW as an extra-mitochondrial deuterium-depleting strategy and evaluated overall patient survival. Eighty-six (36 male and 50 female) pancreatic adenocarcinoma patients were treated with conventional chemotherapy and natural water (control, 30 patients) or 85 ppm DDW (56 patients), which was gradually decreased to preparations with 65 ppm and 45 ppm deuterium content for each 1 to 3 months treatment period. Patient survival curves were calculated by the Kaplan-Meier method and Pearson correlation was taken between medial survival time (MST) and DDW treatment in pancreatic cancer patients. The MST for patients consuming DDW treatment (n = 56) was 19.6 months in comparison with the 6.36 months’ MST achieved with chemotherapy alone (n = 30). There was a strong, statistically significant Pearson correlation (r = 0.504, p < 0.001) between survival time and length and frequency of DDW treatment.

Le Pr Montagnier apporte son soutien à la plainte pour l’arrêt de la vaccination de masse en Israël


Dans un courrier en date du 21 mars 2021 publié sur le site de Nakim.org, le Pr Montagnier, prix Nobel de médecine, apporte soutien à la requête du Dr Seligmann et de l’ingénieur Haim Yativ pour la suspension de la vaccination contre la Covid-19

Il est adressé à M. le Président, MM. juges de la Cour suprême de l’État d’Israël.

Cette lettre est à l’appui de la pétition pour la suspension de la vaccination contre covid-19 qui vous a été présentée par MM. Yativ et Seligmann.

Italy makes Covid-19 vaccination compulsory for healthcare workers


The Italian government will require healthcare professionals to get vaccinated against Covid-19 or stop serving the public, in a bid to protect the vulnerable and curb the 'anti-vax' movement.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s government will introduce the requirement in its new emergency decree, the government announced on Wednesday night.

New COVID Vaccines Need Absurd Amounts of Material and Labor


Companies are scrambling to obtain supplies for hundreds of millions of doses of a type of vaccine that has never been made at this scale before.

Barely a year ago few people outside of a small network of scientists and companies had heard of mRNA vaccines. Today millions are pinning their hopes on these genetics-based immunizations, which have taken center stage in the fight against COVID. But deficiencies in needed supplies and materials for making the vaccines could lead to widespread shortages, some scientists say.

Vaccines -not designed to end the pandemic but to turn it into an endemic?


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The truth is out.  Pfizer Executive admits that they their vaccine is not designed to end the pandemic but to turn it into an endemic so that the demand of their vaccines will continue forever and give them the opportunity to make a lot of money selling their vaccine. Once the pandemic becomes an endemic, just like the flu, all those who have already been vaccinated will need to continue to receive a boost er every year or so.

Covid-19 vaccines: Tanzanian government says the country has 'controlled' the virus.

In a rare interview with the BBC, Tanzania's government spokesman Dr Hassan Abbas says the country has the Covid-19 pandemic under control and is focusing on using traditional herbal medicines.Dr Abbas told the BBC Africa's Salim Kikeke that Tanzania could consider using internationally approved vaccines "once they have been clinically proved".