66 year man. Cholangiocarcinoma

He got the diagnosis cholangiocarcinoma(gall bladder cancer) in March 2009 after having a period of jaundice which caused him to seek treatment. Her also did some other alternative cancer therapies like metronomic chemotherapy, mistletoe treatment, different herbal supplements and hyperthermia.

Was operated in June 2009, and was told to have a 80 % chance of relapse in the near future. Had adjuvant chemotehrapy, which caused severe side effects , especially with numbness in the feet.

After the chemotherapy, he took GcMAF once a week im for half a year, and also for two months one year later. He has still no signs of relapse on the latest CT.

Besides GcMAF, he also took an antioxidant mix and disulfiram and acetylcysteine. The disulfiram and acetylcysteine was used partly to act as chelate therapy against platinum poisoning(from the chemotherapy), and also as anti-cancer agents on its own.

In december 2012 he is still cancer free.

He takes 8 shots of GcMAF every year to prevent relapse. He also had one bottle of psorinum this year.

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