71 year old woman. Breast cancer with bone metastasis

This patient had breast cancer since many years. Had severe pain and walking problems due to her bone metastasis in January 2011. Started treatment with GcMAF and Psorinum 6x in february.

Got much better, her pain disappeared. Had much more energy, although her Ca 15-3 increased from 36 to 53 in March, 142 in June, and 242 in September. She is still in very good clinical condition and is virtually symptom free. She stopped GcMAF treatment in May after 12 injections because of lack of money, and now only takes Psorinum and Mistletoe treatment and Amanita phalloides D4.

Her oncologist is impressed that she still is alive and has invited her to take part in a case demonstration in December 2011.

In December 2012 she is still well and alive. The mother tumor in the breast was gone in May 2011. Except for occasions once in a while with pain. In contrast to her excellent clinical condition and long time survival, her Ca 15-3 is now 9000!!! Conclusion:

Don't rely to much on Cancer markers!

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