63 year old woman with stage III malignant melanoma

Got the diagnosis malignant melanoma in the left fibular region by the end of 2010, after an extensive operation of varicouse veins in both legs. She was operated in January 2011 with a margin of 10 x 20 cm. After the operation, there was no more sign of cancer. She had a recurrence just above the inside of her left knee in June 2011. The oncologists tried to do regional chemtherapy in 2012 without success, because of too many anostomosing veins, making the drug enter the rest of her body. She refused systemic chemotherapy and further operations and did regular acupuncture treatments. In the beginning of March 2012 she started the so called Gerson program, with extensive intake of fresh fruit and vegetable juices etc, and by the end of March 2012 she came to her office with a malignant melanoma on the inner side of the left thigh with the size of a grape fruit(10 cm in diameter), with several local metastasis in the left leg and lymph node metastasis . Her main question was if there was an alternative to surgical treatment and chemotherapy for her.

    I recommended that she should do a surgical removal of the biggest tumor and that she should ask for treatment with new immune stimulating drug Ipilimumab at the hospital. she also recommended GcMAF 0,25 ml once a week, Amanita Phalloides D2, Dr Thomas Tallberg's amino acid-mineral combination for malignant melanoma, Disulfiram 200 mg/day and Psorinum.

    She was operated in April 2012 without problems, here health has been better and better, her lymph node metastasis have disappeared, and there are only 3-4 out of 10-12 local metastasis left on her leg, much smaller in size than before and she is feels completely symptom free and healthy by December 2012. Because of her great response to the treatment, she decided not to take part in the Ipilimumab trial she was offered to participate in. Her oncologists are amazed.



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