Bio-Immune therapy according to Professor Thomas Tallberg, a cure for Melanoma?


Already in the early 1940s, it was discovered that leukemias and sarcomas in rats can be healed and prevented by adding certain amino acids and trace elements to their diets.

Prof Thomas Tallberg from Helsiniki continued to develop these research findings into therapeutic modalities available for treatment of human cancers. He also found that when cancer cells receive these amino acids and minerals, their respiratory organs, or mitochondria, change shape and become dense with electrons. The next thing that happens is that the cancer cells transform into normal cells. This means that he has found a method which can correct the metabolic aberration in certain cancer cells, so that they can stop being cancer cells and continue their natural differentiation into normal cells. In many cases, he has thus managed to heal skin tumors in both animals and humans without even leaving a scar!!
He has published controlled clinical studies showing how, among other things, he completely healed 60% of stage 4 malignant melanomas, 90-100% of melanomas of the eye (uveal mealanomas) and 30% of stage 4 kidney cancers, conditions that are normally almost 100% lethal.
He has so far found the formulae for treating malignant melanomas, breast, prostate, kidney and gastrointestinal cancers with great success. He can also treat psoriasis with this method with an almost 100% success rate.

Besides taking one or two scoops of amino-acid/mineral powder each day, Dr Tallberg also recommends  a small amount (50 g) of mammalian brain each day.  According to Tallberg, this has the dual effect of boosting the immune system and providing a balanced intake of essential lipids. He himself sells cans of piglet brain pate, that can be used as spread on bread, mixed with ice cream or served as a dessert resembling pina colada.
He also uses a special kind of autologous vaccine, made from the patient's own tumor tissue, and recommends avoidance of certain types of food nutrients for different types of cancer that can stimulate cancer growth, ie molybdenum for breast cancer patients and zinc for kidney cancer patients.
We can provide the Tallberg protein/mineral powders and mammalian brain and we have plans to create a labaratory for making the autologous cancer vaccines.
Currently, these vaccines cannot be made anywhere on planet earth except in Tallberg’s own labaratory, and as he is presently 77 years old, he is trying to reduce his workload, and therefore does not accept new patients.