Cancer Psychotherapy according to Dr. Frederick B Levenson

Dr Frederick B Levenson started his work doing psychotherapy with cancer patients 1974, when he started working with psychotherapy with a stage IV breast cancer patient, with the primary goal of aiding their capacity to regulate and discharge irritation.

To his astonishment, he discovered that the patient started to get better from her cancer, as she more and more connected to Dr. Levenson in the psychotherapeutic process, and in the end, she was totally free from cancer. He discovered that she was not the only one that could get healed from cancer by using this method, and during the years he refined his techniques, with even better results as a consequence. In a publication from 2010 where the medical records and the records of dr Levenson during a 35 year period were reviewed, one could clearly demonstrate a positive effect on patient longevity and both observed and reported patient quality of life.

In this paper  75 cases treated during 1974 to 2008 were discussed. Almost all patients were diagnosed with "incurable" cancers treated by oncologists at esteemed medical centres. All subjects  within this sample, with the exception of two who died immediately after the initialisation of treatment experienced an improved quality of life according to case records and reviewed documentation- 33 (44%) are still alive, 80% survived for more than five years and 45%survived for more than 10 years. A noticeable trend of improved patient quality of life and longevity had occurred as Levenson refined and improved his treatment methodology over the decades. The patients often sought treatment after a terminal diagnosis and were informed that allopathic biomedical interventions could not alter their prognosis. There seemed to be an improvement in longevity and several spontaneous remissions were noted in the hospital documentation.

The basic principles of the treatment is that cancer is not seen as a disease, but a process, that can be reversed. Everyone has cancer cells in his/hers body all the time, but normally these cells are taken care of by the immune system, so that no serious problems will develop. Cancer cells are embryonic cells that do not complete there maturation process into fully differentiated, adult cells, and Dr Levenson postulates that the reason for this lack of maturation of certain cells lies in early traumas, and lack of adequate emotional support in early childhood as well as later in life.

The typical psychopatological feature for many cancer patients is the so called anaclitic depression, a state characterised by an inability to form constructive, close relationships with a "melting" fusional quality, based on mutual closeness and trust. Cancer patients often have a tendency to take care of everyone else but themselves, forgetting to prioritise their own needs.

In order to heal these, often very early wounds and personality patterns, it is necessary to let the therapist become like a surrogate mother, that "adopts" the patient in order to give support through two 45 minute talks a week plus daily contact over the telephone for a couple of minutes. It is also always possible to call the therapist 24/7 in emergency situations. If you cannot come to the therapist physically, sessions can be performed over a landline telephone or Skype.

With Dr Mikael Nordfors, medical support is also included in the consultations. Dr Levenson cannot take on any new patients at the moment because he is prioritizing educating new therapists.

The cost is 950 Euro/month.

If you are interested, you can contact Dr Mikael Nordfors on telephone +45 31530931 or by e-mail:


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