Effects of CANELIM capsule drug-contained serum on viscoelasticity

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Effects of CANELIM capsule drug-contained serum on viscoelasticity and adhesive mechanical properties of cholangiocarcinoma cells.

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Department of Biology, Chongqing Three Gorges University, China. dqzhou79@yahoo.com.cn


By way of gastrogavage, we administered CANELIM capsules to rat for prepering the drug-contained serums. And then the serums obtained were used to plant cholangiocarcinoma cells. Lastly, using the micropipette aspiration technique, we investigated the effects which the drug-contained serums of different doses have on the viscoelasticity and adhesive mechanical properties of cholangiocarcinoma cells. The results showed that cholangiocarcinoma cells presented a characteristic of high elastic coefficient and low viscous coefficient. After being treated by the high dose and middle dose drug-contained serums, the viscoelastical properties of cholangiocarcinoma cells K1, K2 and micro evidently decreased (P < 0.01). But the properties of low dose did not evidently change. The adhesive force between cholangiocarcinoma cells and CD44v6 protein significantly reduced with the increasing of the dose of CANELIM capsules (P < 0.01). It is suggested that CANELIM capsules would destroy the cytoskeleton of cholangiocarcinoma cells, restrain the adhesion molecule CD44v6 on membrane from expressing, reduce the adhesion probability between cholangiocarcinoma cells and vasal endothelial cells, and finally, prevent the metastasis of cholangiocarcinoma cells.