Mikael Nordfors is no longer with us in this world


Our father, grandfather, friend and freedomfighter Jan Mikael Nordfors has left us for this time. 


He touched so many people out there and was a great man in so many ways! He has made a deep impression in the lives of many. 


He died suddenly down in Tansania from the aftermath of his health problems, something he has struggled with in recent years. 


We in the family have tried to do everything in our power to help him, but unfortunately we could not do more for Mikael. 


Unfortunately, it is not possible to help someone who does not want help. 


We remember him as the ingenious, warm and dedicated man who always spoke his truth and who fought to make the world better to the end. 


 We in the family hope to carry on Mikaels work with Medic Debate, Peoples Court and make sure that his books and work with Democracy goes on. Unfortunately Mikael did not have any insurances or funds at the time of his passing, this has put the family on a heavy financial load. If you want to make a donation to Mikaels funeral costs any surplus will go to make sure that his work is carried on. All donations are so valuable right now, more information here: https://t.me/manekahelleberg/1146


We invite you to join in person or online to his funeral ceremony 10.30 CEST the 15th of September 2023, in Lidingö Kyrka, Stockholm.


The ceremony will be live-streamed here (it will mostly be in Swedish, but we are happy to have his international friends join in as well)


Very Welcome!

Greetings Maneka Helleberg, Mikaels daughter


Maneka Helleberg is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


Topic: Mikael Ceremony

Time: Friday the 15th of September 10.30 CEST


Join Zoom Meeting



Meeting ID: 858 0308 0801

Passcode: frid



Tributes to Mikael Nordfors:


Maneka Helleberg: https://t.me/manekahelleberg/1144


Donations to Mikaels funeral costs & continued work: https://t.me/manekahelleberg/1146


Mads Palsvig, World Freedom Alliance: https://twitter.com/Palsvig/status/1693916446663836133?s=20


Oracle Films: https://t.me/OracleFilms/1913


Children's Health Defense: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/dr-mikael-nordfors-tribute/

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Martin's picture

Sad, soo sad...it's a pity we didn't manage to meet in person...