BA.2.86 "Pirola"

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BA.2.86 "Pirola"- The mutant illusion: 34 mutations in a sea of ​​millions !
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We recently presented a detailed analysis of the so-called Eris mutant. In this analysis, we examined the science and evidence behind the claims made about this mutant. Based on sound scientific knowledge and data, we have critically evaluated the accuracy and relevance of such mutation claims. In this post, we present more examples and disprove some of the common assumptions surrounding all mutation claims!
Over 15.9 million different SARS-CoV-2 genome sequences published on GISAID
Imagine a huge library filled with 15.9 million books. Each of these books tells the story of SARS-CoV-2, but each with small variations in the words. Now it is claimed that there is an "original story" to serve as a reference for everyone else. But with so many variations, how can we be sure which book is the "original" or if it even exists?
The SARS-CoV-2 genome consists of 29,903 bases (letters). With over 15.9 million versions of this genome sequenced, the differences are huge. It's like claiming there is a definitive version of a book when there are millions of fictional versions with different words.
Mathematical example
Suppose each of these 15.9 million sequences had only a single base that differs from the reference genome from China. That would mean that there are 15.9 million different base changes compared to the reference genome. That's more than 530 times the total length of the genome! And that's only if we assume a single change per sequence. Mathematically, this means that 532 different sequences were submitted for every single base in the genome. In reality, there are often many more.
sequence match
If we assume that each of these sequences matches 99% of the reference genome, that means there are 299 (1% of 29,903) differences per sequence. 
Multiplied by 15,930,710 sequences, this results in over 4.7 billion differences (letters A,T,C,G). With so many differences, how can we be sure which is the "true" genome?"
Daily fictional mutations in context
Based on the sequence match where we found that there are over 4.7 billion differences in the submitted sequences, that means there are an average of 4.3 million different putative mutations in the fictional SARS-CoV every day for the last 3 years -2 genome would have existed. With such an enormous number of daily changes, how can we single out "specific mutations", such as 34 changes, as particularly significant?
Now comes the crucial point
It is claimed that a specific mutation with 34 changes (  is particularly dangerous. 
With millions of possible combinations and changes, how can one make such a specific mutation stand out? It is simply impossible to check all these combinations and to check their function and effect. Nevertheless, such claims spread fear and panic.
Final note: The reality
This immense diversity shows that the idea of ​​a fixed, immutable viral genome is illusory. Nature is dynamic and constantly changing. The assumption that with such variability there is a fixed "viral genome" is not only scientifically questionable, but also logically inconclusive. It shows that the number of mutation claims are irrelevant, they are fictitious, coerced and unverified. They are based on a fictitious digital model that does not exist in reality.
The idea of ​​developing specific vaccines based on exact sequences of letters is not only questionable, but refuted!