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To everyone else within the health freedom community (as well as those who are not) who continue to promote the “virus” lie, the gain of function/lab leak narrative, and the alternative toxic pharmaceutical treatments as a “cure” for non-specific symptoms relabeled as a new disease, consider this a notice. If you are going to make such claims, you must back them up with actual scientific evidence. This begins by providing the necessary evidence that should be found within any foundational paper claiming the existence of any “pathogenic virus.” 

  1. Do you have evidence of purified and isolated particles assumed to be “viruses” taken directly from the fluids of a sick human or animal without culturing that are then confirmed via EM?

  2. Do you have evidence that these purified and isolated particles were proven pathogenic naturally via adherence to the scientific method?

If you are confused as to what the scientific method is, here is a refresher:

  1. Observe a natural phenomenon

  2. Alternative hypothesis

    • Independent variable (the presumed cause)

    • Dependent variable (the observed effect)

    • Control variables

  3. Null hypothesis

  4. Test/experiment

  5. Analyze the observation/data

  6. Validate/invalidate hypothesis

If you cannot provide this basic but absolutely essential evidence, then perhaps you should not be making any claims about the existence of any “pathogenic viruses,” the ability to engineer such entities in a lab, or the effectiveness of alternative pharmaceutical treatments against these invisible boogeymen that you cannot provide valid scientific evidence for. If you cannot find this evidence, perhaps it is time to rethink your position. As I stated before, willingly or not, you are acting as an alternate arm of the toxic pharmaceutical cartel, pushing the “viral” lies along with the chemical “cures” that are keeping people entangled within the germ theory web of deception. Your promotion of the lie allows for the continued reliance on lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing, masks, vaccines, and pharmaceuticals to be used against us in the future in order to combat the scientifically unproven threat. You become as much a part of the problem rather than being a part of the solution. Thus, just as we ask of anyone defending germ theory and virology, you must back up your claims with valid scientific evidence. When you make such claims, it becomes your theory to defend, and it is now your burden to prove."




A response to Dr Vernon Coleman about "germs" 

Respectfully, cite some valid scientific evidence