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"Dr. Cowan discussed the following:

The making of the polio vaccine. This study can be found here:

Dr. Cowan also does a rebuttal from the Twitter spaces event a few weeks ago.
The studies that were submitted to him & were discussed can be found by clicking on the links below:

Check out Spacebusters' series called "A Farewell to Virology" video, which details Dr. Mark Bailey's "A Farewell to Virology", which is a 29,000-word essay debunking virus theory and virology."



When people in the alternative health space claim that it's not worth the time and energy discussing if "viruses" exists or not then it makes me disappointed. Why? Because people do not seem to understand what the ramifications are of non-existing "viruses", it is the most important question today to address since the bio-security state is rolling out as we speak that is entirely based on the existence of "viruses".

So what are some of the ramifications of non-existent “viruses”?

- There are no deaths or illnesses attributed to “viruses”
- There are no mutations, variants or strains of “viruses”
- There are no “spike proteins”
- There are no valid tests for “viruses” like antigen, antibody or PCR
- There are no valid statistics related to “viruses” like “infection rates”, cases or mortality rates
- There is no such thing as “herd immunity”, “natural immunity“ or “immunity“
- The real purpose of “antibodies” more properly called globulins is something else entirely
- There are no reasons to fear your friends, family, neighbors and fellow men and women
- There are people getting harmed and killed because of misdiagnosis and mistreatment in hospitals and care homes
- There are no justifications for injections that are experimental or otherwise and same goes for so called "anti-viral" medications
- There are no justifications for the creation of policies, recommendations and laws based on non-existent “viruses”
- There are no justifications for the wearing of masks, social distancing, self isolation, forced isolation and restriction of travel
- There are no justifications for shutting down businesses and the economy
- There are no justifications for a “health pass” or “vaccine passport”
- The real reasons behind these symptoms wrongfully attributed to “viruses” have never been seriously investigated and addressed where no real prevention can occur
- People that understands this can't ever be tricked into giving up their freedom and sovereignty because of an imaginary "virus" regardless of the amount of propaganda

Next time someone in the space of alternative health tells you that it's not important to talk about non-existing "viruses" then please remind him/her about all these ramifications. If there ever was a time to deal with this then it sure is now.