The Gospel of John 2.0

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My name is Mikael Nordfors. I am a medical doctor, piano player, synthesiser composer, church organist, author, orator and political reformist.

I am born in the Country of Sweden, in a very a mathematically talented family. My father was a teacher, rocket engineer, inventor, viola and piano player and sports man. He told me he was embarrassed in front of his school mates when he was young, because he received too many awards at every school graduation.

When he worked as a rocket engineer at the Swedish military supplier, Bofors, he once sold (solved?) a problem in a couple of days that's a big group of scientists had worked on for several months.

My mother had the same role in her school, and later become a teacher in mathematics and chemistry. She was also an accomplished amateur painter and sculptor.

Neither of them was especially interested in an Academic career, and my father could have both simple peasants and car mechanics as well as professors in theoretical physics as friends.

My uncle was a professor in Russian literature and slavic languages at the University of Uppsala, and my grandmother, that was born in Russia, brought the gift of the Russian culture, literature and religion into the family. She was always praying.

At the age of 13, I had read most of the works of Dostojevskij, Solsjenitzin and Tolstoj.

I often overheard discussions about advanced mathematics at the breakfast table, t it could also be about poetry, music and arts.

My mother who was very interested in spiritual matters introduced me to the Danish Christian mystic Martinus, who at the age of 30 got a profound spiritual experience he calls ”cosmic consciousness”, which made able to explain how the whole universe was constructed in spite of having almost no formal education. He called his main book-work ”The third Testament” and called it a scientific explanation of the words of Jesus Christ.

I was also very talented in mathematics, and never took part of any math education, as I just had to open the book, do all the tasks, with the consequence I soon was several years ahead of my classmates with(out?) our ever doing any homework and listening to ant lectures.

Therefore I was also very attracted to the works of Martinus, as they were very logically built and easily could be confirmed and controlled by logic and reasoning, at the same time as they also sometimes could be extremely sacred and poetic.

At the age of 17, I had a profound spiritual experience that changed my life. Before that, I was reading a lot of spiritual literature like Buddha, the upanishads, theosophy and anthroposophy. I became a vegetarian and started, meditating transcendental meditation at the age of 13. I was a very devout meditator, and met the creator of TM, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the age of 16 in France. I have read the entire literature of Martinus, more than 6000 pages, but after my encounter with God, I was not a seeker anymore, but a finder.

I started to give lectures about Martinus and was very successful until God told me to shut up at the age of 22.

He told me to take a break from spirituality for a while, and discover the world. He also wanted me to study, and I studied very much. I studied medicine, music, politics economy, psychotherapy, psychiatry and became a little bit of a modern Leonardo da Vinci.

I invented a new political system, called demosocracy or liquid democracy and designed the first software program for Internet voting based liquid democracy and was invited to many governments and heads of state all over the world.

For more details about this, please see my book ”Spartacus, 2.0. How slavery started, still continues and can be ended”

I had (have?) six children, and a career that was critically harmed by my inability to adapt to evil circumstances and lies.

During 2020 I became one of the anti-lockdown and anti covid vaccine leaders of the world, and I had a speech at Trafalgar Square in London in front of 35 000 people stating that ” I have a very serious disease that have destroyed, my career, my reputation, and my economy, and that is ”Allergy against evil”.

As a medical doctor, I read very much (lots of?) literature and also studied alternative medicine resulting in me giving advice that was not recommended by the government, but helped my patients profoundly. As a consequence, I was haunted in the press and by the Swedish, Norwegian and Danish health authorities. When I am on top of that started to engage in spreading the truth about Covid, they really had to stop me. They took my medical license on illegal grounds, without giving me the right to a due process, and I had to go to the hospital many times with strange neurological symptoms that didn't fit in any previously known diseases, which I now interpret as 5G attacks. I decided to leave theSweden for the country of Tanzania, via the former president, Magufuli had been a Covid sceptic, and where there is no 5G.

The disease that best fitted my symptoms was ALS or Lou Gehrigs Disease, and I once ended up unconscious in a wheelchair for five hours in the elevator of the biggest hospital in Denmark on the 14th of October 2022. I went there in order to see a neurologist, and after I left him, I woke up six hours later in the emergency department (unit?). My blood values indicated a severe lack of oxygen and carbon dioxide intoxication, which is exactly what you'recan expect when you stop breathing. How I could survive 5 hours without breathing must be considered a miracle. Later I learned I found outhad an infection in the brain, which could be treated with antibiotics and some alternative medicines, which improved my condition, but I am still sensitive to 5G.

Sometimes, when you're near death this can lead you to a spiritual awakening, and on the 24th of August 2020 I had a profound spiritual experience very similar to the one Martinus describes in his book ”On the Birth of My Mission”. The spirit of Jesus Christ, descended upon me and showed me Heaven after Heaven after Heaven, and there was no end to it.. I was in total ecstasy for many hours, and after that I could answer almost all the questions. This means that when I spoke to someone, and was asked something, I often could answer something I never heard about before without knowing the answer beforehand. I could understand and experience God and eternity, and for the first time I could see in more detail how the universe is constructed and see the truth about the word of God, which I will describe in the next chapter.

I had finally found ”the biggest number”, that I asked my Mother about when I was five years old.

I also gained access to terrible memories of dying on a cross 2000 years ago and what really happened when Jesus walked on Earth. Many of them are unclear, but some of them crystal clear. I was one of the participants of the soul family of Jesus, and now we are back again, in order to correct some of the misinterpretations and perversions created by the Devil.

Just like he was able to spread a false Covid agenda, he has also been able to destroy and change parts of the Bible. But I must say that the Bible has managed to stay miraculously clean compared to most other phenomenons (phenomena?) in our society.