Control experiment phase 1 - Several laboratories confirm the refutation of virology by the cytopathic effect

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Control experiment phase 1 - Several laboratories confirm the refutation of virology by the cytopathic effect

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Graphic representation of controls (left and bottom right) and misinterpretation (left and top right) because no controls were performed.

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As of today, we look back on several control experiments that we have carried out and will now be made available in a series of articles on NEXT LEVEL - knowledge rethought for everyone free of charge and free of charge. These control experiments refute all claims of virus existence.

What happened just at the moment when the control experiments were perceived by a wider mass, both by science and by the population? As in addition, our recently published correspondence [1] with all leading virologists and institutions could visibly confirm to everyone that all our statements are true and that no one can provide scientific proof of a disease-causing virus? The Ukraine war broke out and gained the upper hand in the media.

Without wanting to withhold this the necessary respect, our virus existence refutation should be at least as bomb-like. Equally shocking for the world's population. It shakes dangerously at the foundations of the pharmaceutical industry and its sacred virus church!

The impact that results from this insight has an enormous significance. The refutation of all claims of virus existence has at least the following:

  • All vaccines based on this claim have only one effect - namely a toxic one!
  • The effectiveness and safety of the vaccines are 100% excluded. Every vaccination is thus equivalent to an injury to body and soul and constitutes a criminal offence.
  • Any measures taken with the aim of preventing transmission (masks, distance, isolation, etc.) are effective and pointless. They must be lifted immediately worldwide and for all time!
  • All vaccination passports, or so-called green passports, which are intended to control the world's population, are thus obsolete and should be abolished.
  • Every "virus test" has no significance, is meaningless. It causes an incredible waste of money and serves to control humanity. No test in the world based on this claim can and must ever be applied again.
  • Any pandemic or epidemic claim based on the assumption of virus existence was and is still wrong in the future and has no basis.
  • The complete list of drugs, the existence of which is based on the claim of virus existence, is a danger to the biological body and must be withdrawn from the market with immediate effect.
  • The entire pharmaceutical industry and science will suffer a breach of trust through the knowledge and publication of our control experiments, which will probably never be repaired again.
  • An unimaginable gigantic wave of complaints of all those affected will roll through the countries.
  • The invisible enemy (virus), which is used by certain forces as a phantom against the population, would no longer do its service and thus eliminate the fear and panic rigidity of the population. The people can begin to think clearly again and awaken from their psychosis.

Let the extent of the consequences of the refutation of disease-causing viruses go through your head. They will then understand why one goes to the extreme to suppress these facts. They then also understand why even corona critics show no interest in these controls [2] and, without exception, everyone refuses to carry out these control experiments together at our expense.

Which scientist who is really interested in the truth would deliberately reject this project, for lukewarm?


On the trail of Enders' experiments - cytopathic effect in monkey kidney cells is not measle virus-specific

Author: Laboratory manager of an independent laboratory in Germany

"The "Science" has not carried out subsequent documented control tests since 1954. That is why there is today the belief in disease-causing viruses and the cancer theory, because this was derived from the infection theory. In 1952, medical virology dissolved itself, because it recognized through control attempts that the proteins and enzymes, which it misinterpreted as viruses at the time, are normal components of life. In 1953, however, the gene dogma replaced the previous dogmas and The death of cells, which is caused solely by laboratory conditions and not by a virus, has been misinterpreted since 1954 as proof of the existence, presence, action and malignancy of suspected viruses. Dying cells are still used as a vaccine today. Components of dying cells are mentally assembled into a virus model that does not actually exist. With the results of the control attempts summarized below, all claims of existence of disease-causing viruses are refuted. The "virus effect" invented and became famous in 1954, the death of cells in the test tube, is a completely normal stress mechanism of cells in the laboratory.



The attempt

On behalf of Dr. Lanka, we have checked whether agents other than the claimed measles virus can also lead to cell fusion with resulting cell death (=syncytic formation) in cell cultures that looks exactly like the one in the standardized protocol, which, based on the publication of Enders&Peebles from 1954, has become globally binding for the detection of the measles virus. To this end, strict work was carried out in accordance with the protocol of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the detection of measles infection in cell cultures[21].

The cell lines Vero/CCL-81 and Vero/hSLAM were used. The Vero cells were isolated in March 1962 by Y. Kasumura and Y. Kawakita from the renal tissues of African meerkats (Cercopithecusaethiops). They are among the most commonly used continuous mammalian cell lines in research. The Vero/hSLAM cells were developed by transfection with the vector pyramid pCxN2 by Dr. Yusuke Yanagi. The vector pyramide pCxN2 has a neomycin resistance gene and an expression pyramid (pCAG- hSLAM), which encodes the human signaling lymphocytic activation molecule (hSLAM). The Vero/hSLAM cell line is nowadays recommended for the routine "isolation" of the "measles virus." By isolation, the parties involved understand the creation of the effect of syncytic formation in the test tube, which since 1954 has been equated ad hoc with the presence, multiplication and transmission of a "virus" from a human being to the test tube, although an isolation of a "measles virus" in the sense of the word has not taken place to this day.

Both cell lines were cultivated either without addition or with different additions. Various agents have been added, including increased concentrations of the antibiotic combination penicillin/streptomycin, lipopolysaccharide (part of bacteria), material of a throat swab (hangover), throat rinse water of a person with measles infection. In addition, both cell lines were cultivated with medium, which contained only 1% fetal calf serum. As a result, the cells came into a deficiency situation due to a lack of growth factors.


The results

Depending on the added, non-viral and non-infectious substances, changes in cell morphology could be observed at different times, which has been equated with the "isolation" of the "measles virus" since 1954. Especially after adding high concentrations of penicillin/streptomycin (20%) or Cultivation under deficiency conditions (1% FCS), changes in cell morphology could be detected, which was microscopically identical to the syncytic formation described by the measles virus (Figure 1 - see above).

The studies have clearly shown that syncytic formation is not specific to a measles infection.
Thus, the forgotten observations of both Enders&Pee bles and Bech&von Magnus were confirmed and the assumption that Enders&Peebles and successors had proven the existence of a virus with this technique was refuted.