The RSV Vaccine Up-sell

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15th July 2023


There is nothing like a 3-letter acronym to get public attention and ‘RSV’ (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) is one of the latest scares.

The virus hypothesis is a scientific dead end and yet RSV is being blamed more than ever for deaths in young children and the elderly.

What kind of sickness is RSV supposed to cause and what did scientists actually find in chimpanzees in the 1950s? All roads lead to Big Pharma in another allopathic medical scandal… 


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The Pandemic is Not Stopping, It Was Too Profitable to Come to an End
When gold was discovered in Otago, people rushed there from all over the world to stake their claim. 
We are now witnessing a rush to offer new vaccines and drugs in the hope of huge profits. Pharmaceutical giant GSK is releasing a vaccine it calls Arevxy against common runny nose infection RSV which it says is 94% effective, although the side effects are worryingly familiar. 
The target populations are the over 60s and newborns. “Newborns” means that ultimately GSK hopes every baby will have to take it, in other words everyone.
The UK Sun leads with ‘JABS UP Millions to get vaccine to protect against ‘fatal’ virus that lives in 90% of Brits – are you eligible?’ promoting the Shingrix vaccine already available here in New Zealand. Good job they put the word “fatal” in inverted commas, Shingles almost never is. 
Although enjoying the title “vaccine,” Shingrix doesn’t actually prevent shingles, instead it is claimed to reduce the symptoms. Sound familiar?
These claims pale by comparison with those offered by Harvard scientists who announced they have discovered the elixir of youth consisting of six chemical cocktails which reportedly helped mice skin cells survive a little longer. Very timely really, considering human population longevity is rapidly reducing probably due to other chemical cocktails we are regularly given in our food and medicines.
Exaggerated tales of golden reefs were no strangers to the gold fields where disappointed miners tried to sell their dud claims to newly arrived prospectors. The idea that a chemical cocktail is going to lead to eternal life is a tired narrative that is past its sell by date. 
The huge gains in longevity we enjoyed during the last century were due to hygiene and nutrition, not to pharmaceutical concoctions. Don’t be tempted to swap the benefits of a natural varied diet for the promises of a pill salesperson. 
The medical gold rush is going nowhere except down the drain.
I am hoping you will join me in asking again and again, why are our hospitals overwhelmed? Why are excess deaths at unprecedented historical highs? Why are our politicians, medical professionals, and media remaining silent? Why are thousands injured by vaccines being gaslighted and ignored? Why is the government still telling the public it is essential to keep on getting covid vaccinations and many other novel biotech cures? The longer this goes on, the more criminally motivated it all appears.”
Nirsevimab, which will be sold under the brand name Beyfortus, is not a vaccine. Vaccines prompt the body to make antibodies to defend against pathogens. Instead, nirsevimab is a form of passive immunity. It’s a ready-made antibody that can bind to the virus and block it from infecting healthy cells. 
The immune system doesn’t have to make anything.
“The antibody in nirsevimab has been stabilized so it lasts longer in the body — four to six months — and it seems to be more potent.
It’s approved for use in all infants, even healthy infants born full-term”
“Nirsevimab may not be the only option for preventing the infection this fall. The FDA is weighing whether to approve Pfizer’s vaccine for pregnant women that would also protect babies. In that case, the mom makes the antibodies, which cross the placenta to safeguard the fetus and are expected to last through an infant’s first few months of life.
That vaccine would protect babies from the moment they are born, a benefit if the infection shows up out of season. Vaccines also prompt the mom’s body to make more than one kind of antibody, which would provide broader-spectrum protection”