No Worries No Virus

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"Relax and chill out there was no Covid virus. This book provides comprehensive evidence that the Covid pandemic was faked and planned with a purpose; the Covid-19 death numbers are fraudulent and the deaths were due to other causes; the fraudulent Covid-19 PCR test was used to create false Covid-19 case numbers; there is no evidence Covid-19 actually exist; and looks behind the curtain at the corporate, media, and financial players behind the hoax. To explain what is ‘behind the curtain’ of the Covid-19 hoax key historical events are detailed to provide a bigger picture of what it all means.

The book covers the following topics:

1. Covid-19 reality check.
2. Covid-19 - part of a wider deceptive narrative of the UN/ WEF.
3. Evidence the pandemic was planned with a purpose
4. Evidence the Covid-19 death numbers are fraudulent
5. The fraudulent Covid-19 PCR test created false Covid-19 case numbers
6. No evidence Covid-19 exists - never been isolated by any lab in the world ever
7. Mainstream virology took a wrong turn, pathogenic viruses causing disease do not exist
8. Unsafe/harmful Covid-19 vaccines
9. Bio-metrics, transhumanism, 5G, and graphene oxide
10. Masks of submission
11. The manipulators, the manipulated, the ulteriors.
12. A single group controlling the world’s mega-corporations and mega-banks
13. 1913 - 2019: Private banking control and the corporate super-entity
14. The WEF ‘great reset’ attempt
15. Millions of people realise Covid-19 is a trick
16. Transcending Covid-19 and the world power game - a spiritual perspective"



Fake Pandemic

Chapter 2 of Godless Fake Science provides evidence of the fake Covid-19 pandemic; and details research indicating that a so-called Covid-19 virus does not actually exist (there was no virus leak from a lab in Wuhan), and that the entire discipline of virology took a wrong turn (to put it kindly) in 1950s. Countless millions of viruses exist in nature that have no detrimental effect to us. The research of Dr Stefan Lanka, amongst other scientists and doctors, indicates pathogenic viruses that cause disease simply do not exist. Virus pandemics are a mega-corporate scam. Toxins are a cause of disease in the body – is it not time that modern-day vaccine adjuvants containing substances, such as the toxin aluminium, came under closer scrutiny? Additional significant aspects are detailed in the article No Worries No Virus and also in the book No Worries No Virus. "