THe HIV Myth

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Myth HIV - The Admission of the Nobel Prize Winners
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Hardly any other alleged "virus" has hit as many waves as the alleged "HI virus" (HIV).

Malpractice, deaths due to (too high doses of) medication, stigmatization and exclusion of allegedly "infected", fear of "transmission and infection", etc.pp.

The list of negative consequences of this hype goes on and on, and much of the false claims and alleged danger are still alive in the minds of people young and old today. This still ensures that people with a positive test result are classified as a danger to others.


Ill with no symptoms...
How do we know that again?

To this day there is NO scientific proof of the existence of the alleged "HI virus"!

Prof Luc Montagnier said:

  • Nobody cleaned HIV, although it is necessary to claim a virus

HIV has never been isolated and purified!
In 2008, Prof. Luc Montagnier and Prof. Françoise Barré-Sinoussi received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV.

- Both confirm that it is necessary to clean (isolate) a virus to be sure it is a real virus! 

Prof. Montagnier confirmed again in 2009 when specifically asked:
 "... that no one has fully isolated the virus we have."

  • No Cleaning (Isolate)
  • No controls
  • No evidence

 It's just a myth!

-House of Numbers


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