Peer review is in fact a belief system with no scientific evidence !

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Peer review is in fact a belief system with no scientific evidence❗️
Richard Smith was editor of the scientific journal BMJ and managing director of the BMJ Publishing Group for 13 years
  • But does peer review even "work"?
A systematic review of all available evidence supporting peer review concluded that "the practice of peer review rests on belief in its effect rather than on facts"
In his publication, he draws a devastating verdict on the peer review process. He shows that this process does not work and that the practice of peer review is based on belief in its effectiveness rather than on facts. He also shows that the procedure of many well-known journals is more like tossing a coin, and that controls showed that the peers (assessors) do not recognize built-in gross serious errors or only 1/4 of the errors❗️
  •  There is almost no evidence for the effectiveness of peer review, but considerable evidence that it is slow, expensive, poor at detecting errors, largely a lottery, prone to bias and abuse, and that it is not in the able to protect against fraud. And that it is hostile to innovation, as it tends to reject truly original research. If it were a drug, they say, it would never be approved.❗️
  •  Richard Smith literally drops a bomb here. His criticism as a long-time editor is devastating and it explains how it can be that such an unscientific work as that of Prof. Drosten was able to go through a peer review within a maximum of 27 hours.
- Richard Smith - Peer review: a flawed process at the heart of science and journals
-Richard Smith: Peer reviewers—time for mass rebellion?
 Drosten's PCR test:
The peer review process: "How scientific fraud took the world hostage"

Drostens PCR-Test:

The Peer-Review Procedure

(video with english subtitles)

Based on Dr. Simon's article, we demonstrate in this video:

  • How the peer review process actually went️
  • The numerous conflicts of interest of Drosten and co-authors of the publication
  • Where Drosten lied crystal clear

An exciting video that clearly shows the entanglements and fraud, from the submission of the publication to its appointment as the so-called gold standard !

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