Learning from the past Disastrous effect of HIV&AIDS criticism.

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Learning from the past
Disastrous effect of HIV&AIDS criticism.
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An analyst gets to the bottom of things, a critic finds fault with one aspect. Criticism that does not touch the core of a matter inevitably stabilises the narrative. The function of criticism is to stabilise a construct and distract from the essential. Here: Are there disease-causing viruses? Is the fear and violence of epidemic politics justified or is it terror?
AIDS was originally conceived as a GRID only for homosexual men to contain a unique invention in human history: Publicly available free prostitution by men for men. From a symptom, partly blackening spots due to changing dermis tissue, a supposedly viral, fatal immune deficiency was constructed. The actual cause of the spots was on the one hand toxic (sexually stimulating sniffing drugs; antibiotic abuse) and conflict shocks (in this case defilement conflicts).
When the haute volee engaging in group sex in the seventies heard that a virus was spreading among homosexuals, mutating from a harmless to a deadly form in the last 10 years, they panicked. With enquiries and requests for testing, the heterosexual group sexters overwhelmed the unprepared health service. The authorities were forced to rename GRID AIDS. During the start-up phase of GRID and the renaming to AIDS, the contradictions were so great that even the most important man in science, John Maddox, editor of the leading scientific journal Nature, testified that it was a godsend that the Americans did not have their stupid AIDS*( see book- German)  blown up in their faces.
Many people had many questions about the virus, but the AIDS critics pulled the hot iron out of the fire and increased the fear to infinity. They claimed that the virus, HIV, existed and that the testing procedures worked. The virus was more harmless than claimed and difficult to transmit, which is why a positive person tested either did a lot of drugs or had sex. This would ruin his supposed immune system and start a slow death. As with Corona, the AIDS critics found a public hearing and distracted from the heart of the matter, the virus. All these critics come from the establishment and do not jump over their shadows.
Remember: AIDS was the first global obedience exercise, Corona the second. The virus-fear-terror has been perfected and can be used at any time. Critics are not only an important pillar of the virus-fear-terror, they increase the fear.
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Dr. rer. nat. Stefan Lanka
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“ 304 pages
In this book, there is no "other opinion" on AIDS. However, the opinion is held that the state must not lie to the population in connection with AIDS.
This book is used for the first time to make accessible state processes and documents that have arisen in the last decade as a result of the question of proof to the competent state authorities in Germany. These processes and documents cannot be denied.
This book explains that overcoming the global AIDS crime can initiate the overcoming of the cynically inhuman and humanity-destroying degeneration of globalization.
This book is written for citizens who are willing to develop their power as citizens for the benefit of the still possible future generations.”