Takeaways  from the video

All Cause Mortality data Analysis 
All based on all cause mortality data .
Mortality is seasonal.
Since pandemic was announced-a dramatic increase in excess mortality in covid era.
Anything that would perturb the population would be seen.
The various pandemics announced between WW2 and  now ( CDC and Canada data) is obvious that there was no excess mortality before any of the so called past pandemics.
There was no pandemic.
-there was no pandemic causing excess mortality
- measures caused excess mortality
- covid-19 vaccines caused excess mortality
Measures killed people before vaccination
-Excess death with lockdowns and treatment protocols
-Pockets of death-  strongest  correlation  in USA with poverty, no correlation with age 
People who had more poverty and disabilities were more likely to die, that is a function of something else. 
In USA , the ‘ covid’ killed the poor proportionally. That is why USA had a much higher mortality than Canada so could not have been a virus as  populations would have been affected equally.
Many were in the South of USA, populations that get many prescriptions of antibiotics in winter and have high susceptibility to bacterial pneumonia ( a claim as he is unaware of the 5 biological laws and that bacteria have never been proven to cause disease - Koch Postulates were never fullfilled)
During covid all western countries cut antibiotic prescriptions by 50% or more.
( ie. obese and sick people on multiple medications  had reduced access to medical services )
-A sudden increase in excess mortality suddenly with covid measures that would only happen  eg .in wars, natural disasters
-There were hotspots of peak excess mortality around the world in specific areas.
From an epidemiological point this is impossible. You cannot not get peaks of mortality that happen in synchronicity . Peaks were caused by treatment protocols eg. Lombardy they put people on ventilators. In Europe excess mortality  peaks linked to different and  more aggressive  treatment protocols used in certain countries.
Death caused by Vaccines
There is absolutely no doubt that the vaccines caused significance death..
The risk of dying from the injection 0.05% for all ages to almost 3%  in the fragile elderly.
Given the number of doses administered the vaccines must have killed 13 million people worldwide  according to the estimates.
-glyphosate - no correlation with excess mortality
- Alberta - increase in excess mortality in young, tremendous suffering induced by the measures and also there was an increase mortality in indigenous population
-peaks of mortality increased with the vaccine rollout, excess death also in summer, there could be some co-morbidity  but does not explain the data
-India-  they adjusted the virulence of the presumed “delta variant”  to explain death, they used computer models to produce garbage data 
-the team did not look at the specific area of mortality in pregnant women , foetuses , babies
-all cause mortality can explain peaks in creation areas from eg earthquakes in Chile, heat wave in France,  wars , an economic downturn but there is none before any previously declared pandemic from the post WW2 data
-we have to reset our thinking and start to recognise that the virologists have been exploiting us 
death from vaccine -they killed people but in term of the scale of mortality is probably not that great ,  also mortality from covid measures ,
- 2022 for 10-20 countries had higher mortality , Canada was one of them
- we will never know the overall extend of death caused by the measures and vaccines
one has to consider the indirect death , 5BN and the psychosomatic effects that are not recognised by conventional medicine as vaccine injuries and also could never be measured accurately)
-Everything seen related to covid looks like a societal transformation , the measures and vaccine. 
-It was an assault against people. 
-There is no evidence of spread of a respiratory disease but many scientists claimed that people had covid and they had to do something. 
That thinking has to be reset otherwise we will never get out of it. They will declare pandemics whenever they want and assault the population whenever they want.
Mortality rate cannot be disputed.
Why did they do it? - his opinion.
-Geo-economics and geo-politics since WW2- was a military rollout of an injection, to be able to practice and demonstrate they can inject everyone.
-Why? Injections are the most power bio-weapon , powerful for the military to do, you can target certain groups, certain jurisdictions. The injection itself can be a weapon.
Dr Denis Rancourt is not aware of the new understanding of biology ,there are no bio-weapons)  .
-Geo-politics did  not disappear.
It is the biggest wheel that drives the world, events cause huge tectonic  shifts in the economy of the planet  and how populations are affected by that. Socio-economic transformations worldwide and war is a big part of it.
Covid is just part of that.
Reminder: Modelling is not science. Statistics and data analysis are not science .
Impressive work and research but he left out the most important point,  does not question the existence of disease causing viruses , makes the assumptions that there are viral and bacterial infections. 
Dr Rancourt mentions that people died of pulmonary pneumonia as they did not have access to antibiotics . 
Pneumonia is not caused by bacteria and disease causing viruses do not exist. 
The different forms of pneumonia - explained with the knowledge of universal
 biology - the biology according to Hamer
In addition:
Vaccine Death Estimates
Dr Denis Rancourt estimated from the the data that 13 million people were killed by the vaccines. Hard to know if refers to rapid death or indirect death ie psychosomatic -see Universal Biology and the laws of biology 
NoteThere are no disease causing viruses .
There  was and there never will be any justification for any measures, any medical protocols and vaccines for any imaginary mental construct and now computer generated ‘virus’.
The Danger of Vaccines 
Dr Lanka on the dangerous of the ‘covid’ vaccines estimates of direct vaccine death.
( extracts - deep L translate- https://t.me/Corona_Fakten/980
  • all known vaccinations are dangerous, have no positive efficacy and must be stringently rejected!
  • "gene" vaccination is many times more dangerous than the previous known vaccinations
  • one person in approx. 30,000 dies from the rapid consequences of vaccination. With 10 billion vaccinations this results in at least 333,333 direct deaths
  • the real dangers in the vaccines are the nanoparticles and adjuvants, not the mRNA. 
“Nanoparticles  are responsible for the toxic damage of corona vaccinations, in addition to the "psychosomatic" vaccine damage. 
The majority of vaccine damage caused by the toxic nanoparticles in the Corona gene vaccines happens immediately, within a few days to about three weeks
However, what causes long-term vaccine damage, which often only appears after weeks and months, is, as with all vaccinations, the so-called "psychosomatics": when the act of vaccination itself triggers a trauma, a "biological conflict"
The build-up and degradation processes triggered by this usually only become visible after weeks or months. ( eg. what is classed  in both conventional and alternative medicine a “ cancer “ diagnosis.)
If the vaccination damage does not occur immediately, it is not recognisable from the point of view of "purely material biology & medicine" and is therefore systematically not recognised.”
Some people are on their 6-7 jabs . Plus many people are still rolling up their sleeves to get multiple toxic  jabs , not only the covid jabs.
Hard to know how this will affects the death mortality.
World wide vaccinations, March 13 , 2023
More than 5.55 billion people worldwide have received a dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, equal to about 72.3 percent of the world population. 
More than 2.72 billion additional doses have been administered worldwide