The Tricks of Virology

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 The Tricks of Virology

"There are no isolates, ergo there is no virus" [Part 1 / 2]
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"Isolation in cell cultures" - A trick of virology !
Virologists claim that there are large numbers of infectious, i.e. intact, viruses in the blood and saliva. To date, however, not a single virus has been isolated and photographed directly from human saliva or blood, although electron microscopy is now an easy and routine standard technique.
The virologists' trick is called isolation  in cell culture. A mixture of DNA/RNA from humans, monkeys, bacteria and cattle is produced, with the addition of foreign substances and pollutants (including antibiotics).
The virologists seem to have forgotten that every "sick person" is a perfect host and a perfect cell culture and that it would be easy to isolate the putative "virus" directly from a patient sample.
When is an ISOLAT an ISOLAT?- German Video
"There are no isolates, ergo there is no virus" [Part 2 / 2]
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The isolation effort is based on the centrifugation steps for isolating the phages, with the difference that phages are represented optically in the EM as a whole and in a pure form, and their proteins and nucleic acids are represented biochemically and identically for each isolation.
With the "viruses", fragments and suspended components of the cell cultures are not concentrated in a band of a certain density in a gradient centrifugation, but are centrifuged to the bottom of the tube. Structures are taken from this pellet and output as viruses in the EM. Nucleic acids are simply removed from the "supernatant", the liquid above the pellet, without isolation, multiplied and sequenced without the nucleic acid having previously been isolated from a definable structure.
"There are no isolates, ergo there is no virus" [Part 2a]
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An isolation of a structure is only proven when the isolate appears optically pure in the EM and when the biochemical characterization of the proteins in the gel electrophoresis always shows the same number of proteins with their always the same molecular weights and compositions, and in the gel electrophoresis only the same number same RNA or DNA of the same length and composition appears.
That never happened with the "disease-causing viruses".
The fact that other proteins and nucleic acids of the same size might be hiding under these proteins and nucleic acids can easily be examined, confirmed or disproved using other detection methods. The fact that there is no such thing as 100% pure gold or water cannot be used here as an exoneration argument.
Term Use "disease-causing viruses" [Part 1/3]
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Term: disease-causing viruses
From the idea of toxic toxins as the cause of disease, conventional medicine developed the idea of a self-replicating and destructive pathogen, for which phages were the inspiration from 1952.
All claimed pathog. Viruses (e.g. HIV, Ebola, measles, SARS, influenza etc.) have nothing in common with the existing giant viruses/phages (aka bionts).
The researchers believed that "disease-causing viruses" like phages consist of a nucleic acid in a protein shell.
Instead of using standard techniques to detect the suspected "disease-causing viruses" as well as the phages of the bacteria, the experimental death of the cell cultures was and is the administration of toxic substances, consisting of a mix of dead cells and chemicals, with the presence, isolation, detection, propagation and characterization of these suspected viruses.
Term Use "disease-causing viruses" [Part 2/3]
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The tactic of lumping giant viruses together with alleged "disease-causing viruses" is misrepresentation.
This tactic was used by Dr. Stefan Lanka recognized years ago and therefore always added the qualification.
In isolated form, "phages" and "giant viruses" (bionts) can be quickly and easily photographed in large numbers under the electron microscope and their degree of purity can be documented from this alone. However, the isolation and the photography of isolated and characterized structures has not been successful and documented to this day for any of the alleged pathogenic viruses - neither in humans, nor animals, nor plants - or in their fluids such as blood, sperm, saliva, etc.
So-called giant viruses are not pathogenic and have NOTHING in common with the claimed disease-causing viruses.
Term Use "disease-causing viruses" [Part 3/3]
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Qualification of the term "disease-causing" necessary
The differences:
Claimed pathogenic properties
giant viruses      NO
disease-causing viruses   YES
own metabolism
Giant viruses       YES
disease-causing viruses- NO
Self-organization and enlargement of the genome
Giant viruses     YES
disease-causing viruses NO
Giant viruses  YES
disease-causing viruses  NO
Biochemically characterizable
Giant viruses  YES
disease-causing viruses NO
Giant viruses = presence of genome and length proven by gel electrophoresis.
Exact sequencing using singers, very imprecise sequencing using NGS.       YES
Disease-causing viruses = Mathematical construction by NGS and Assembly & Alignment  NO
real existent
Giant viruses   YES
disease-causing viruses   NO
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NL - QuiX: What if?

Solving all issues with one topic

What if people knew :
“How much they were lied to and deceived, and that can prevent them from being blindly manoeuvred into the next p(l)andemia?”
What if people knew 
-disease causing viruses do not exist
-viruses are only an imaginary construct
-virologist are only professional puzzlers 
The repercussions would be enormous of people knew there was no virus.
Without viruses there can be no basis for:
-any restrictions or measures
-any virus testing
-no masks
-no lockdowns
-no fines
-no vaccines
-no future plandemics
No Virus! No Measures! No Fear!
New opportunity to address better topics! 
eg. How biology works 
What is perceived  as illness are biological processes 
-adaptions to biological shock conflicts
-reactions to poisoning/ toxins
-reactions to severe nutritional deficiencies/ malnutrition
Additional clarification 
When is an ISOLATE an ISOLATE?
Video in German 
The second video on the subject of virus THEORY is dedicated to "virus" isolation and the claimed isolates.
It shows where the approach of virology differs from the clearly stated scientific specifications, and that the isolates claimed by virology are NOT isolates.
The name of the other "viruses" (giant viruses) is actually "phage" and the term "virus" is rather misleading.


Definition of Biont

one having a (specified) mode of life


a discrete unit of living matter
type of: animate thing, living thing
a living (or once living) entity


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