An absolute standard in science - Control Experiments!

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We asked WHO directly about the necessary negative controls in genome sequencing
Dr Lorenzo Subissi:
1st Bachelor in Chemistry 
2nd Master in Biochemistry and Master in Epidemiology 
3. PhD in Molecular Virology
!WHO scientist confirms: Negative control in genome sequencing is an important issue. But he is not aware of any study. !
The next confirmation hammer
While expert Subissi describes in his own publication "An early warning system for emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants" that amplicon-based sequencing methods are prone to sequence errors and poor sequence quality, he admits that negative controls are an important point, but he is not aware of a single publication that performed them!
A negative control represents a standard experimental control. An absolute standard in science. Even the WHO confirms the lack of the simplest basic controls.
WHO correspondence 
The Max von Pettenkofer Institute also confirms: Not a single control was carried out !

...While critics keep claiming that these experimental controls exist, NOBODY can find these logical standard experimental controls vorweisen!
PD Dr. rer. nat. Hanna-Mari Baldauf:
1. senior researcher at the Max von Pettenkofer Institute & Gene Centre, Virology, LMU Munich.
2nd Bachelor of Science (BSc (Hons)) in Biotechnology
3. Master of Science (MSc) in Biomedicine
4. doctor of virology
5. group leader of the young virologists (jGfV)
NEXLT LEVEL Questions:
1. purification using density gradient centrifugation?
2. attempt of genome construction from a negative control (cell culture treated in the same way)?
3. attempt genome construction with a PCR negative sample?
 PD Dr. rer. nat. Hanna-Mari Baldauf:
"We haven't tried any of the things you asked about."
-To the correspondence
3:0 victory in the measles virus trial: What does that mean?
translate feature :
...3:0: Officially won for legal, logical and scientific reasons - the entire education scene can orientate itself on this
Legal reasons: 
dr Stefan Lanka specified 7 scientific criteria for his award. Not one was complied with. This is the so-called form defect that many always call it.
It is these protagonists who mostly deliberately suppress the logical and scientific reasons in order to create a false picture:
Scientific reasons:
All submitted work on the measles virus, including the authoritative study by John F. Enders, on which all other studies are based, were confirmed by the court-appointed expert Prof. Podbielski on March 12, 2015 in the hearing of the court as unscientific, since the Indeed, the necessary negative controls were not carried out. In addition, 5 other reports (including from 2 laboratories in Germany and China) were presented, which have refuted the entire virology.
 Logical reasons verdict margin number 82,85,86:
In paragraph 82 of the judgment, the judges explain one of the logical reasons:
 "Not only the wording (ONE!) speaks for such an understanding, but also the fact that a single work is not only self-contained in terms of its external form and thus clearly delimits the internally structured material, but also that no Disputes can arise as to which passage of text can be used to provide which proof from a large number of works.. With a large number of works, through which a proof is to be made in their overall view, it can be much more difficult to methodically identify each of the works and to bring it to a comparable and meaningful level in terms of content. In addition, it reduces the effort of the examination considerably if the proof has to be provided in a work according to the wording. It is obvious that the defendant, recognizable also for third parties, does not it may be desirable that around 50, 100 or 500 different works are presented, from which individual text passages or sections are then put together like a puzzle in order to then argue about the statement in the overall context."
NEXT LEVEL - Measles Video Process Series
In our unique NEXT LEVEL - measles trial - video series (which will probably soon be shown in the first private cinema ) we have worked up the enormous explosive power that this unique court trial entails, verifiable for everyone.
! This video series is not only an eye opener, but the information shown in it makes it possible to circumvent vaccination obligations and finally "dissolve" the entire virologist.!