Prof. Bhakdi and Co: "mRNA vaccine is now also DNA vaccine".

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Prof. Bhakdi and Co: "mRNA vaccine is now also DNA vaccine".
deepL translate:
Their claim is based on the statements of Dr Kevin McKernan, who claimed in his paper that about 1/3 of the vaccine contents were contaminated with spike DNA. 
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These statements are not tenable. 
General info on plasmids
Plasmids (DNA), can easily integrate into chromosomes and lead to breaks. That is why they are banned in food, because you would get a lot of them. The result would be chromosome strand breaks and thus disruption or even destruction of the metabolism.
In fact, however, an increased amount of these plasmids in vaccines would lead to direct damage, and not to "late effects", since nuclei damaged by plasmids die or reproduce more slowly than intact nuclei. They would thus "eliminate" themselves, while the healthy nuclei would remain intact.
What did Bhakdi and his team miss in the publication by Dr. Kevin McKernan?
- Plasmid DNA was not detected directly, but only indirectly via the highly distorting process of sequencing ("jigsaw puzzling"), which is not permitted for this purpose, instead of direct detection by isolating the plasmids.
- Even if the statement "1 DNA molecule per 350 mRNAs" were true, i.e. one plasmid per 350 mRNAs, which sequencing cannot provide, that is 2.8 per thousand and not 35%!
Missing controls
- They would have to isolate these plasmids from vaccinated humans if they claimed that they spread and multiplied in humans. They haven't done that.
- They would have to show that human chromosomes contain these inserted plasmids.They have not done that either, although it would be an easy thing to do.
By Bhakdi's plasmid argument, a new panic can arise when "spike - DNA" is found in the body, because the crude templates for this normal human protein that virologists use in their "coronavirus" model occurs  everywhere.
The claimed "viral spike protein" does not exist.*
These claims of mechanisms stabilise long disproved virology and genetics and keep us in an endless loop.
*Spike protein - what is it really ?
What is referred to as a spike protein is a protein found in all humans. It is one of the vital proteins that humans need. They are found in the highest concentrations when the fetus implants in the placenta, and also in high concentrations in the semen.
- This protein bears a resemblance to the spike protein models invented by virologists, which is why they call it "viral".
The spike proteins are said to be the 9-12 nm or sometimes 20-25 nm protuberances that can be seen on TEM images of the "virus" and give it the appearance of spikes - or a "corona" - on the outer edges .
The Australian virologists needed trypsin for this ;)
The claims for "viral spike proteins" and "vaccine shedding" have the same bases:
a) They are only "indirectly" asserted and never directly proven.
B) scaremongering