Runaway Virology – Marvin Wins In Court

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5th May 2023

I last interviewed Marvin Haberland in October 2022, when he was challenging a court fine in Germany. He had deliberately broken “corona” legislation to expose the fraudulent nature of virology. He argued that because virology does not follow the scientific method, any penalty notices issued under their Infectious Diseases legislation were illegal. 

Marvin finally went to court on 26 April 2023. Listen to what happened and where this might go next as virology derails…


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deepL translate:

NL Press Officer Marvin interviewed by Dr Sam Bailey.

Our press officer had deliberately violated the "Corona" legislation to address the unscientific nature of virology in court. We argued that all fine notices under the Infection Control Act were unlawful because virology did not follow the scientific method.

Important note: The judge called our press officer a kind of "repeat offender", as he had already been intransigent about the measures in the past and made it clear again in the current trial that this would also be the case in the future.
The logical consequence should have been a higher sentence, yet the judge stopped the proceedings. We stick to our strategy and assess it as "bullet-proof". Because: So far, all proceedings known to us have been discontinued on the basis of this strategy.

NEXT LEVEL Goal : Serious scientific processing, which enables everyone to defend themselves against "injustice". Findings that at the same time help to understand what illness & health actually are and how one can attain and maintain one's health in a bio-logical way.

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