James Delingpole talks to Patrick Henningsen

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"James Delingpole, host of the The Delingpod, talks with 21WIRE’s editor and founder, Patrick Henningsen, about the war propaganda of the deep state infiltration of the western mainstream media and the incredible Russiagate hoax, as well as the current folly of NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine. They also discuss the last three years of Covid-19 hysteria, the vaccine deception, the new ‘Lab Leak’ official conspiracy theory and the fundamental problem with virology, climate change theory, and the weaponisation of mainstream science. All this and more. Watch: "


deepL translate:
Nobel Laureate Dr. Kary Mullis - With HIV, nothing is right at all
Nobel Laureate Dr. Kary Mullis: "If Maddox (former editor of Nature) really thinks, or thought, that this publication (HIV) proves that HIV = AIDS. then he should go outside and shoot himself."
Personal statement on the part of Kary Mullis to Dr. Stefan Lanka 1997
As the developer and Nobel Prize winner for the technique of arbitrary propagation of DNA (PCR), without which today's "genetic engineering" would not be possible, Kary Mullis personally confirmed to Dr. Stefan Lanka in 1997 that genetic engineering results and test procedures can be arbitrarily manipulated with this method.
Our scientific criticism, which we are now expanding with NEXT LEVEL, has existed for decades and has also been communicated by Nobel Prize winners.