The SARS-CoV-2 genome cannot be reproduced with the original sequence data Technical Error, Artifact or Manipulation ?

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The SARS-CoV-2 genome cannot be reproduced with the original sequence data
Technical Error, Artifact or Manipulation ?
We asked about:
-The Chinese authors did not respond to this request at all (to other questions they did)
-The German Research Foundation called the lack of controls a technical error in virology
-Joshua Quick (University of Birmingham) called it a version bug in the assembler software
-Benjamin A. Pinsky, Medical Director of the Clinical Virology Laboratory (Stanford University), was not concerned about this fact and said it should be ignored.
-Malaya Kumar Sahoo (Stanford University) confirmed that he did not verify it, and he did not do so at our request.
Why is that important:
The entire scientific world used only the published digital data of the Chinese, with which not only a new disease-causing virus was claimed, but they also built the design and production of all vaccines and detection methods (e.g. PCR) solely on this virtual data. on.
This was confirmed by none other than the President of Illumina - Francis deSouza [here minute 13-15 and here minute 3:20-4:45 ]. The president of the sequencing technology used by the Chinese to obtain the sequences from a sample.
Chinese results not reproducible
These published results cannot be reproduced even with the Chinese's raw data and the programs used, which indicates a manipulation of the data.
The data published by the Chinese cannot be reproduced by anyone and has not been verified worldwide. Here it doesn't matter whether it was a technical error, an artefact, or a manipulation, all subsequent products are therefore defective and pose a danger to life and limb. More than that, it proves that the alleged disease-causing virus was never found, let alone verified by others.
A notice:
The genome construction process is one of the central core critiques that can be used to simply and logically prove that the virologists have proved themselves wrong.
Video tutorial on manipulating the Chinese data
Video guide- ( German)


Half of the original data are blacked out
deepL translate:

Dr Stefan Lanka
"The Chinese scientists who generated the genetic strand of the claimed SARS-CoV-2 have comprehensibly cheated. Half of the original data are blacked out! Even with the other half, none of the steps they took in constructing the virus can be repeated! The inventors of SARS-CoV-2 describe that after the first PCR propagation of molecules from humans, they are not able to calculate the genome. For this they need a second, even crazier and biochemically "dirtier" PCR. In doing so, they have disproved themselves: They describe in detail that they do not find viruses in human samples! That's like saying a human would only be positive if the PCR products were multiplied again with a second PCR."

NL Note: In response to our written question about the missing controls, they remained silent, although they answered other questions 



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Virus Theory theme
On September 1st, 2022, the RKI admitted with regard to the virus genome calculation:
"With today's technological methods, however, the genetic information can often not be read out "in one piece", but only in fragments. Here, bioinformatic algorithms help to put the sequenced fragments in the right order and assemble them into the complete genome sequence.”
-This has now been done with amazing results !-
When calculating the genome of SARS-CoV-2 with the software Megahit (no music jukebox), it is not possible to reproduce the longest genome (30,474 nt) as stated by the study authors with their published raw reads!
Anyone can do this step specified in the study online and thus check the first study of SARS-CoV-2 for correctness. How this works is shown in the video. You will find that the longest genome of SARS-CoV-2 cannot be calculated as stated! How can that be?!
Thank you Igson Negrin!
Officially verifiable - SARS-CoV-2 genome cannot be reproduced with the original file - It's a technical error and everyone fell for it❗️
telegram translate:
-The assembly, i.e. the construction of the genome of SARS-CoV-2, which became the template for all scientists worldwide, cannot be reproduced with the sequences published by the Chinese.
-The Chinese received two completely different final results. The longest contiguous sequence found by overlap with the program "Megahit" was 30,474 nucleotides, while the other program "Trinitiy" generated a longest contig of 11,760 nucleotides from the same dataset.
-Anyone can do this step specified in the study online and thus check the authoritative study of SARS-CoV-2 for correctness.
-Detailed analysis and guidance in our publication
-IQ Puzzler PRO
-Tutorial (PDF) by Igson Negrin
-Tutorial as a video from NeueMedizin Bibliothek


Source: Next Level  , Knowledge Rethought 

Assembly and Alignment:

Do not confuse the two mathematical steps, such as assembly and alignment.
1. Sequencing NGS (short sequence sections approx. 150 nt)
2. Assembly (overlaps)
3. Optional alignment using a "template"
The Chinese generated a total of 56,565,928 sequence reads x 150 nt length
So 8,484,889,200 nucleotides
It simply uses the sequences that are believed to be viral.
All other publications use the given genome of the Chinese and use specific primers (see e.g. RKI paper), where they use an armada of such specific (adapted to the given sequences of the Chinese) primers to find the sequences they need and to continue working with them.
They basically cheat themselves, they find what they are specifically looking for and then use the many software programs to just create overlaps with selected sequences, then optionally align them. So-called gap-filling programs are also used, which use (invent) missing sequences in order to comply with quality rules.
However, the result is never exactly the same; logically, deviations are generated in the genome construction process due to the fact that different sequences are always found with each sequencing. These are then sold in the thought trap as mutants...
we showed two ways to check the data, one was with the galaxyserver and gave a result after assembly of 29,802 nt.
Chinese (Publication) after Assembler Megahit (Without Alignment) = 30,474 nt
Galaxyserver after assembler megahit (same raw data and parameters without alignment) = 29,802 nt
difference = 672 nt
already the process before the alignment, i.e. the assembly already yields different results.
Besides attempting to replicate the assembly published in the Chinese publication with the published sequence readings, we considered a simple protocol for analyzing the internal structure of large datasets of short sequence readings. With the available sequence data, we were able to calculate consensus sequences for the reference genomes LC312715.1 (HIV) and NC_001653.2 (hepatitis delta) with a higher quality than the reference sequences we considered associated with coronaviruses. This also applies in particular to bat-SL-CoVZC45 (GenBank: MG772933.1), which led to the original hypothesis of SARS-CoV-2.
One more thing: As long as biochemists and virologists remain silent about the dozens of increasing error rates in the "construction" of viral genomes, which ALWAYS occur in the conversion of RNA into cDNA, in PCR and in sequencing, it MUST be assumed that those involved know that the sequences generated with it are artificially produced. Only those short pieces that are also found in humans are used to generate "positivity" using selective PCR. By suppressing what is taken for granted, by naming the limits of the techniques used, those involved cover up their scientific fraud. Without the exact naming of all error rates of all steps of all techniques used, ALL claims of the virologists are OBVIOUS scientific fraud. Every physicist signs it immediately.
This is the be-all and end-all for every measurement technician. Each measurement technique has only a very narrow range in which it is valid. Below and above it goes, like the virologists, haywire.