Dangerous claims - False criticism of Corona vaccinations?

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Dangerous claims - False criticism of Corona vaccinations?
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Dr Stefan Lanka
"Justified fear protects against real dangers.
Unfounded fear, especially extreme fear, can itself lead to panic, psychosis, disease and death. The claims of extreme danger and lethality of Corona vaccinations for more than 50% of those vaccinated, may be more dangerous than the actual vaccine damage. 
The claimed dangerousness of the allegedly genetically engineered Corona vaccines is based on the misconceptions that there is the Corona virus, genetic engineering and an immune system, that the latter would get out of control and harm and kill the vaccinated. This conceals the real dangers posed by nanoparticles in vaccines."
At the outset, we would like to emphasise one thing clearly:
There are huge dangers from vaccines and the nanoparticles they contain! These dangers are concealed and suppressed by manipulating vaccine studies. The vaccines, and especially the new mRNA vaccines, are dangerous and must not be used, both from a scientific and a human point of view, and should be banned with immediate effect!
  • The adjuvants used, falsely called adjuvants in vaccines, are toxic. 
  • Not a single one of the mRNA vaccines has ever worked in animal studies - ON the contrary!
  • No placebo studies are done in any vaccine studies - The placebo group always includes the so-called adjuvants (auxiliary substances).
  • These studies are conducted in the poorest countries, of which no one is aware.
Mental dead end and inevitable misconceptions
The course set for the belief in material agents and causes of diseases in our culture goes back about 2500 years. At that time, Greek philosophy decided to explain the origin of life and diseases in purely materialistic-mechanistic terms. Any effect of consciousness, spirit and God in making life visible and in diseases was excluded. The justification for this by Democritus, the most famous representative of this view: Religions would frighten people of the divine, this should not be, life takes place here and now and it is important to enjoy it.
The philosopher Plato, an independent disciple of Socrates, criticised this attitude. He argued that the Greek doctors were unable to help with the majority of illnesses because they overlooked the fact that everything originates in the soul and that this is what needs to be healed. The fact that today's doctors also fail to understand and cure the majority of diseases, and that even doctors in the USA on average do not reach retirement age, is due to the fact that the purely material-mechanistic view of life forces people to make erroneous assumptions. The consequences are dramatic. Many diagnoses and the resulting therapies are wrong. If everything is to spring from material interactions, including diseases, one logically also needs a material causative agent, a disease poison, Latin virus.
From the experience that poisons, e.g. alcohol, arsenic and mercury compounds can make people ill, but in slowly increasing amounts, humans, animals and plants can compensate for otherwise lethal amounts of poisons, led to another false conclusion: the body would form antidotes against disease poisons. If enough antidotes were formed, humans would recover. Or one diluted the suspected disease poisons by bloodletting. Or one gives, which is the basis of the vaccination idea, the "disease poison" prophylactically to start the antidote production. The body would then be able to neutralise the disease toxin (virus) if one were to be infected later.
This is the idea behind vaccination. The body of the pathogen is recognised, bound and destroyed by an anti-body. In general, it can be said that in our material explanation system, a dual good-evil view always results as an explanation for deviation from normality, e.g. for illness. If a person falls ill and no pathogens are held responsible, those involved in dual materialism have no choice but to assume other material defects and defect carriers. 
Example C-diagnoses 
For example, the idea that molecules would conspire against the body to damage and kill it. Since the conspirators are stronger than normal life, they must therefore be fought until there is no trace of them left. Those who believe this then also believe that evil can wander within the body. And whoever believes in metastases automatically believes in flying metastases, in viruses. 
The real suffering and death of people with the C diagnoses is seen as proof that there is an endogenous conspiracy that often has fatal consequences and is therefore dangerous. In 1858, when this old view of a material and wandering cause of disease was definitely refuted, but there was no better explanation for diseases and the origin of life in "western science", the catastrophe happened: Rudolf Virchow revived this old, refuted theory in a new and intensified form. He claimed that all life AND all diseases originated from a single cell each and that nothing outside cells had a life force.
This view, which is still believed and taught today as a biological reality, forces one to assume a construction and functional plan of life in addition to the claimed disease toxins, virus in Latin. How else, assuming only material interactions, could different organisms form from molecules of one cell? Although the claims that the nucleic acids DNA and RNA are the book of life were COMPLETELY disproved by basic research as early as 2006, these erroneous assumptions are still haunting the public, the stock market, schools and universities. [1]
Supporters and participants of the superstition that only material interactions underlie life face a challenge. Either they adopt for their own benefit the "long known", popularly held and the new, very detailed and in a positive sense scientific "psychosomatic" knowledge that a word can kill but also heal, or they remain in the old, dual and risky system. 
Virology: Inevitably wrong
Long before 2006, it was already clear that RNA arises in any composition (=sequences) from seemingly nothing, keyword "RNA world". That is why RNA molecules occur in every human being and every organism in every conceivable sequence combination. From this given variety of short RNA sequence sequences, virologists arbitrarily take millions of the most diverse RNA molecules.
Then they determine their "sequence of letters" (=sequencing) and, using complex software programmes, mentally construct the "viral" hereditary strand, the alleged core of the alleged viruses.
In public, this mental-mathematical construct is seriously referred to as something real, as a hereditary strand, as the genome of a virus. Why? Because one could never "isolate" "disease-causing viruses" in the sense of the word isolation and find its genome in it, but within purely material biology&medicine there is the compulsion to imagine such structures in order to be able to explain simultaneous diseases. This hereditary strand does not exist in reality and could therefore never be found as a whole, neither in a human being nor in its fluids, e.g. saliva.
To err is human. What is inhuman, however, is the silence of the majority of virologists to the claims of individual "virologists" that there are identifiable, more or less dangerous virus mutants: delta, lambda etc. pp. In reality, all virologists know that in every human being there are simultaneously and always all the "viral" sequences that are publicly referred to as mutants. Only with the claim of dangerous mutants can the Corona measures be maintained at present.
Internally, virologists therefore call all their ideas of RNA viruses "quasispecies",
that is, a non-definable species. Something that exists only quasi and as a statistical construct must not be passed off in public as a scientifically proven fact. Even less may and can such claims be used to justify corona measures and compulsory vaccinations. The same applies to those critics of the Corona measures who believe in the Corona virus, its so-called spike protein, in genetic engineering and in a struggling immune system and who, based on this, claim that the Corona vaccinations are absolutely lethal for many to all. They are not. But the fear generated by them is dangerous and can kill.
On 18.7.2021, a movement of responsible parents has emerged that will put a safe end to these goings-on on both sides. You can support this movement directly and indirectly with your participation. [2] This action is based on the activities and experiences with the "Seven Refutations of Virology", which are documented on the website www.rotekartefürcorona.de.
The new old knowledge
Whoever continues to move in the material view of our previous biology and medicine can at most accept on Sunday in church that the Word has become flesh. Outside the church, the existing knowledge is of no use to him, that every part of our body is a materialised unit of consciousness, which is aware of its function at that point and in the context of the whole body. [3]
Every function and place of our body can be hit by "a word" and go into change. This will become clear from the following explanations of the development of symptoms. The essential point is that these changes, which we interpret as illnesses, are in reality SENSUAL processes that help us to survive in situations of life-threatening continuous alarm. Why more and more symptoms, e.g. the symptom collection "flu" are now called covid, I explain in my article "What is Covid?" in this issue w+ 3/2021.
Before we move on to the subject of the real and exaggerated dangers of Corona vaccinations, it should have become clear through the preceding remarks that a real and helpful orientation in this field is possible, namely through knowledge of historical aspects, knowledge of materialism, its limitations, its compulsion to erroneous assumptions and Hamer's constructive system of knowledge. With this knowledge, all victims of vaccination and disease fears can relax. Especially parents or partners whose family members have been vaccinated against their will and wishes. If no acute toxic reactions occur two to three weeks after the vaccination, the toxic ingredients in the gene vaccinations, the nanoparticles will hardly be able to cause any acute damage.
Unsubstantiated claims about extreme dangers of Corona vaccinations 
For several months now, claims have been surfacing on social media that all or half of Corona vaccinated people are severely to fatally poisoned and will suffer from fatal autoimmune reactions in the future because of the "gene vaccinations". Vaccinated people would excrete dangerous gene products or toxic proteins that also harm unvaccinated people. These assertions are not true and, with knowledge of real biology, expose themselves as mirror-image enhancements of the material, orthodox medical thought models.
These mirror-image ideas, which are exaggerated by critics in order to succeed, however, drive people who believe in them into dangerous aggression or health-damaging despair. With the unquestioned insinuations,
  1. that the virus exists,
  2. that there is a messenger substance for a component of the virus,
  3. genetic engineering would work but get out of control and produce the viral gene product everywhere and within body structures,
the thought possibility is constructed that the immune system would attack and destroy not only the viral gene product, but all the tissues of the body that make up the gene product.
Meanwhile, the foundations of these claims have long been disproved. Neither do disease-causing viruses exist, nor do so-called spike proteins of a corona virus, which in the virus model is supposed to serve as a docking unit to human cells. It follows that the claims of a fighting immune system, which is supposed to recognise foreign invaders and destroy them in a targeted manner, have also been refuted. Inflammatory build-up and degradation processes are misinterpreted as immune reactions, which occur within the framework of "meaningful biological special programmes" in order to enable the human being to survive in a persistent, existential situation.
These processes are interpreted as different diseases in each case in the erroneous ideas into which materialism forces all adherents. In reality, a building up and a breaking down process of tissues always belong to a "Sensible Biological Special Programme", abbreviated SBS. Two of our four tissue types react first with build-up in the case of "permanent alarm" and with degradation in the case of resolution of the "trauma". With the other two tissue types it is the other way round. Here, the degradation makes sense in order to survive in the "existential distress" and in the second, the healing phase, the surplus and always functional tissues are rebuilt in order to restore the original state. So in both phases there are always sensible "inflammatory" processes at work, but these are often misinterpreted as immune reactions because certain molecules are released in higher concentrations than normal.
The so-called anti-bodies
These molecules are, among others, spherical protein bodies, which are called globulins and are misinterpreted as anti-bodies in the material compulsive thinking of disease poison and antidote. In reality, these globulins serve to build up vessels, the veins such as arteries, veins and nerves, which are always needed in higher concentrations, especially when new tissue is being formed.  
Globulins are also formed when protein structures in the body, especially those of the vessels and nerves, are attacked by toxins of all kinds.
This is also the reason why extremely toxic substances are always present in ALL vaccines, because without them there would hardly be any visible or measurable "immune reactions". However, these toxic substances in the vaccines are called adjuvants, auxiliary substances, which is why they are not subject to the strict drug law and their presence and effect are therefore simply ignored. 
These auxiliary substances are supposed to help the "actual" medically relevant vaccine ingredient, the alleged viral proteins, to develop its effect. The auxiliary substance is supposed to carry the allegedly viral protein around in the body long enough, to present it to the "immune system" for a long time, so that there are measurable and strong immune reactions at all. In the Corona gene vaccines, the nanoparticles, which alone trigger the so-called immune reactions, are now passed off as transporters of the genes and therefore it is claimed that there are no adjuvants (= auxiliary substances) in the gene vaccines at all. The presence of the dangerous adjuvants in the vaccines, the nanoparticles, is concealed by both sides: by the vaccine believers as well as by some vaccine critics, who claim that the vaccine damage is caused by out-of-control genetic engineering and immune functions.
Nanoparticles are extremely small and because of their huge surface area - compared to their small volumes - have a constantly high catalytic activity for very many chemical reactions. At their location in the body, they constantly produce senseless, inflammatory reactions, which means disruption and destruction. It is precisely these nanoparticles that are responsible for the toxic damage of corona vaccinations, in addition to the "psychosomatic" vaccine damage. Implanted in the muscle, they constantly produce destruction there and, as a consequence, repair processes for which the body releases a greater amount of globulins than normal. These poisoning effects caused by the implanted nanoparticles are misinterpreted as immune protection.
If these nanoparticles are not kept in the muscle long enough and enter the bloodstream, this can lead to thrombosis, which can cause deficits, paralysis and death. If these fat-soluble nanoparticles get into nerve tracts - which carry the fat-soluble building and energy substance of life to the brain - this is the cause of the observed rapid neurological failures, including falling sickness and narcolepsy, but also of overpressure in the brain, which can lead to unconsciousness and death.
So-called immune reactions versus poisoning consequences
The majority of vaccine damage caused by the toxic nanoparticles in the Corona gene vaccines happens immediately, within a few days to about three weeks. Those who survive this time without any damage can assume that the nanoparticles have in the meantime distributed themselves throughout the body and have been partially excreted and have lost their lethal potential through dilution and excretion. The observed vaccine damage can therefore not be explained by the effect of the alleged genes in the vaccines and an alleged immune system, because according to all the findings to date, these reactions take weeks to months.
The critics of the Corona gene vaccinations, who claim an extremely high death rate, are not aware of the fact that RNA injected into the muscle does not produce any inflammatory or otherwise measurable reactions. It is simply broken down immediately.
Slide ( google translate)
Normal surface force strength for natural substances in water.
  • little catalytic activity little reactive, normal metabolism
The surface tension membrane (orange) that water forms wherever it makes contact with something is reactive. It accelerates all possible chemical reactions, i.e. this substance is reactive.
Larger particles move so much that this membrane does not form a common envelope around the particles. They therefore remain alone and do not sum up their reactivity

Too strong surface force with unnatural nanoparticles in water

  • high catalytic activity highly reactive, disruptive and dangerous inflammatory reactions

If dissolved parts are tiny, i.e. in the nanometer range (nm = "billionths of a meter"), the surface membrane of the water unites to form unit.

Molecule accumulations are created that are constantly reactive and their power is only exhausted when the body succeeds in transporting them to the outside. In this way, they constantly generate unspecific, dangerous inflammatory reactions
This was noticed between 2013 and 2016 by employees of the RNA vaccine company Curevac, who subsequently came across further refutations of the applicability of RNA as vaccines. This led to Curevac not launching a vaccine until today, because the management and staff of this company act more responsibly and scientifically than others. Thus, by the end of 2019, the consensus in "the RNA science community" was that RNA vaccination technology was still far from being applied to humans. [4]
Our Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, opened our wallets and donated 300 million euros to the company Curevac in Tübingen so that it could survive at all, because it was already bankrupt and over-indebted. Nobody donated anything to the equally completely indebted cancer RNA vaccine company Biontech in Mainz, which was already completely bankrupt and overindebted again after a previous sale, so in January 2020, in order to save itself, the company suddenly and more than clear-sightedly produced vaccines instead of cancer drugs. Faith alone - in viruses, genes, a fighting immune system - made it possible for Biontech not only to survive, but to become the world market leader. Not every company has such a promising address: In der Goldgrube 12, Mainz.
It is logical that if there are no disease-causing viruses, there are also no spike proteins of corona viruses with which the viruses are supposed to make their way into the cells. Therefore, there can be no RNA or DNA for such spike proteins. What do exist are typical human proteins that are found in every human being, which have a similarity to the model spike proteins invented by virologists. Now you start looking for "spike proteins" in Corona vaccinated people and lo and behold, you find such similar proteins everywhere.
This is seen by the vaccinators as proof that the Corona gene vaccinations work and by Corona critics as proof that the immune system would soon start a rampage against all vaccinated people when the "natural" Corona viruses come back in autumn and stimulate the immune system. What Corona believers and critics have overlooked by not doing control experiments is that proteins similar to the "spike proteins" are just as common in all unvaccinated people. So this alleged evidence of finding proteins in people similar to the virologists' theoretical spike protein is precisely not evidence that there will be extreme and lethal auto-immune reactions in the Corona vaccinated in the autumn or any other time.
All-clear against hysteria, warning against real dangers
Since the gene and even the cell theories have been completely refuted, [5] the alleged genes in the Corona vaccines cannot cause any genetic damage to our alleged genetic material. Our chromosomes are in a constant state of change and reconstruction and therefore cannot be genetic material. Within the purely material explanatory world of our biology and medicine, however, the existence of a hereditary substance must be assumed in order to be able to explain the fact of life within this system of thought. Since it has been claimed since 1858 that all life emerges from one cell at a time, this view must assume a hereditary substance that directs molecules in such a way that either a human being, an animal or a plant emerges from the cell.
In reality, the nucleic acids DNA and RNA primarily serve the energy metabolism by releasing the building and energy substance of life, the substance of the surface membrane from the water, which itself is quite different from water. Our tissues are made of this energy-rich and "living" substance, which Aristotle called ether. [6]
Secondary are our nucleic acids, the metabolic resonators and stabilisers, in that they (the RNA) constantly produce new sequences and thus new metabolic possibilities, and store coarse templates for only a few but constantly needed proteins in the form of DNA, formerly called genes. With this view, it is understandable why the number of human "genes" of 120,000 in the year 2000 has been constantly corrected downwards and today, with a tendency to further decrease, is around 10,000.
The toxic ingredients, the nanoparticles, are mainly responsible for the rapid damage caused by the gene corona vaccinations. The all-clear can be given for the false claims that the "genes" in the vaccines and an immune system supposedly running amok would produce damage in the future. However, what causes long-term vaccine damage, which often only appears after weeks and months, is, as with all vaccinations, the so-called "psychosomatics": when the act of vaccination itself triggers a trauma, a "biological conflict". The build-up and degradation processes triggered by this usually only become visible after weeks or months.
But if the act of vaccination immediately causes a change in character, aggression (often against the mothers because they bring their children to be vaccinated), autism, mania, depression, bed-wetting, etc., this proves that the act of vaccination in itself has triggered a "trauma", i.e. a biological conflict. The physical consequences that are triggered in parallel with this change of nature, e.g. always digestive problems in autism, are often only noticed weeks or months after the vaccination act, but are real vaccination damage in the sense of real biology. However, if the vaccination damage does not occur immediately, it is not recognisable from the point of view of "purely material biology&medicine" and is therefore systematically not recognised.
In my article on vaccine damage in the magazine w+ 3/2016 "How vaccination can trigger autism. How does vaccine damage occur? How can they be avoided? How do you treat it?" goes into more depth on these aspects. As the presence of dangerous nanoparticles in the Corona "gene" vaccines is concealed from the public, their known allergic potential is also concealed. There are currently four different fat-soluble substances in nanoparticle size in all Corona gene vaccines. One of them is polyethylene glycol, PEG. It is known that this PEG can develop an extremely high allergic potential.
How do allergies develop?
When an event - which can be an accident, an incident, an act of vaccination or even just a word that hits the person affected unexpectedly, overwhelmingly and persistently - triggers the sensible biological special programmes that serve to help people (but also animals and plants) survive this life-threatening situation. Animals react instinctively and dissolve the effect of these triggers by fleeing and changing their behaviour, so that the physical effects caused by this for a short time are not or hardly visible afterwards.
Since we humans are no longer aware of these connections (they are in the vocabulary of all peoples!) and due to cultural circumstances are not (allowed to) fight or run away (can), changes in the body often build up unnoticed over weeks and months. At the latest in the "healing phase", when new tissue formations with organ functions are broken down again or the tissue breakdown that has occurred is replenished (skin: e.g. measles, rubella, chicken pox, extreme case shingles, where the subcutis is affected), these special biological programmes, which in themselves make sense, often become painfully visible. The duration and intensity often correlates with the duration of the "biological conflict" and its intensity.
When a "biological conflict" is triggered by an unexpected, overpowering event, the body remembers all the accompanying circumstances. These can be smells, colours, sounds and substances such as pollen in the air. As long as the trigger of the "trauma" has not been factually resolved (by restoring the original situation) or by "down-transforming", i.e. constructively changing the reference to the trigger so that one can smile about the "event" again, even a single one of these "accompanying information" of the triggering moment reminds one of the "event" and instantly increases the physical reactions. This is the cause of allergic reactions.
An act of vaccination can be experienced and remembered as a life-threatening act, especially by young children. That is why vaccinating paediatricians rarely dress in white, so that allergies to "white" do not develop. However, the act of vaccination can also be perceived as life-threatening days later, when, for example, a faithful Corona gene vaccinee perceives strong vaccination reactions and pain and fears that the worst might befall him. At that moment, when he panics and thinks he might be paralysed or even die, an "SBS", a special biological programme, is triggered. The body remembers the foreign polyetylene glycol (PEG) in nanoparticle form and reacts violently to it whenever it comes into contact with it again and the "permanent alarm" SBS has not yet been dissolved. However, since PEG is contained in an incredible number of substances and not only in cosmetics, these people suffer - without knowing it - from an allergy to PEG and probably also to the other three types of molecules in nanoparticle form in the corona gene vaccines. Their allergenic potential is still unexplored and therefore unknown and unrecognised.
My estimate based on the data available so far on the gene vaccines is that one person dies for every approx. 30,000 vaccinated due to the rapid vaccination consequences. So far, according to my estimation, there is one death for every 100,000 vaccinations with all other vaccines. The rapid toxic consequences of vaccinations particularly affect old, weakened people, because toxins need a constant high energy supply to keep them "in check". If this energy is lacking, the toxins travel towards the heart and brain and cause, among other things, thromboses and neurological damage in the nervous system and brain.
Children who are in growth phases are also affected. If the body's energy is used for growth phases or hormonal fluctuations during puberty cause a rapid back and forth of building and breaking down processes, the energy is lacking to keep these toxins bound.
So anyone who is healthy and in whom the vaccination act has not triggered "SBS" (referred to as a disease within the old refuted view) runs a fatal risk of about 1:30000 with a gene vaccination. However, those who develop panic and fear, e.g. before the second vaccination or in case of symptoms and pain after the vaccination, have a much higher risk of catching "SBS" and the dangerous allergies that go with it.
The benefit of vaccination, for those who believe in it, is a sense of security and freedom from fear. However, if this supposed safety through the vaccines is preceded by a "conflict-active phase" of a permanent fear of infection, the vaccinated person, who now feels protected, "goes into solution". The result: the permanent alarm of infection and the "SBS" triggered by it are ended by the vaccination. 
This means, however, that completely different symptoms now appear - at precisely predictable intervals. These are now - for lack of explanation in "purely material biology&medicine" - passed off either as Long-Covid or as the result of virus mutants against which the vaccination protection is not effective. Long-covid is now the new fashion in medicine and millions in research money are thrown at anyone who wants to research it. 
As Eugen Rostenstock-Huessy wrote in 1956 when he analysed that and why the theories of infection and cancer are wrong, but "masses of pseudo-research" are done to save face?
The free growth point in the scientific age lies in a new pair of tensions, namely between research and knowledge. This pair of struggles is still largely unexplored. We scholars all disguise ourselves as researchers, just as the old clergy posed as saints in order to stave off the division into this clergy and that people... Scholars are just capable and quite incapable of loving the subversion of their virtue. They are scientific officials, and they are always opposed to the amateur. But since, of course, research belongs to science officially, just as the Holy Spirit belongs to the Church, there is masses of pseudo-research which competes with the progress of free research; and the former alone is conscientiously supported by the official bodies and foundations, for this alone seems worthy of support to the professional officials of science. Such bogus research acts according to the principle: Wash my fur, but don't get me wet! It researches cancer according to the outdated ideas of Louis Pasteur, as if it were rabies."[7]
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[2] Recording of the webinar with Dr Lanka on 18 July 2021 "How to protect yourself and your family from compulsory vaccination. Biological, historical, legal and legal basics of vaccination." Info about this in the w+ newsletter of 14.7.2021, see http://wissenschafftplus.de/cms/de/newsletter-archiv
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  • Everything that is foreign is broken down or encapsulated.
  • Anything foreign administered in an unnatural way ie. that bypasses the body’s defence mechanism ( eg.injection) has the potential to cause serious harm and even death.
  • Protein, as essential to life as it is, is a virulent poison if introduced directly into the blood without first undergoing digestion.
  • There is no preventive/ prophylactic biological justification for any synthetic or herbal drug.
  • All known vaccinations are dangerous, have no positive efficacy and must be stringently rejected!
Adjuvants eg. aluminium , mercury and with the ‘gene vaccines’ very toxic nanoparticles are added to ‘vaccines’  to get a reaction, measured in school medicine as an ‘ antibody’ titre ‘ which is just the body’s response to poisons.
Virology is antiscientific and has been refuted. 
Viruses are an inherited unscientific belief . Vaccines cannot work as there is no scientific proof of any diseases causing viruses. 
RNA ‘Vaccination’ Technology 
  • foreign mRNA introduced into an organism from the outside is immediately digested.
  • own  mRNA, which originates in the nucleus and goes from the inside out, has some time to work before it is digested.
CureVac conducted trials .They injected RNA vaccines into the muscle and nothing happened. No parameters changed
Why? Because the RNA is digested in a few milliseconds.
The danger of “gene “ vaccines - are the  Nanoparticles
1“ gene”vaccination is many times more dangerous than the previous known vaccinations
2. one person in approx. 30,000 dies from the rapid consequences of vaccination.
With 10 billion vaccinations this results in at least 333,333 direct deaths.
there is one death for every 100,000 vaccinations with all other vaccines- estimation)
3. the real dangers in the vaccines are the nanoparticles and adjuvants, not the mRNA. 
The amounts of toxin in most vaccines are enough to kill an adult human instantly if the mixture is accidentally injected into the vein instead of the muscle.
* Reactions  to injected  proteins
Proteins ( and other structures that are passed as a ‘virus’) that come from within act for a while until they are broken down. 
Proteins , like all other substances that come from the outside, cannot act in these external milieus, but act as allergens if an existential event takes place at the time of contact or an event such as the measles vaccination in which eg. ‘ribosomal’ proteins  are contained if the vaccination act is perceived as existential.
June 1954 they thought when cells die in a test tube they are transforming themselves into viruses.
This mass of dying cells they call isolate because they believed they isolated something outside the lab in our test tube. 
They can freeze it and 
-if use the whole smashed cells they called it a live vaccine and 
-if they isolated certain proteins out of it it is a dead vaccine as only have part of the ‘virus ‘ so the ‘virus ‘ is not ‘ alive.’)