WHAT IF... Solve ALL issues with ONE topic ! With no virus all these topics dissolve.

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Solve ALL issues with ONE topic !

With no virus all these topics dissolve.

NL QuiX:
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So simple and yet so difficult:
To acknowledge the fact that "disease-causing viruses" do not exist and to finally unite in bringing this knowledge to the world.
In the Enlightenment scene, it is said that one only wants what is best for people. That the enlighteners want to show what actually happened at Corona, among other things with the aim that people do not allow themselves to be manoeuvred into the next p(l)andemia again. This is absolutely important, we agree.
Criticism in an endless loop
But unfortunately, most of them only focus on the individual "symptoms" (measures) of the C narrative without questioning the trigger claimed for it (an alleged "virus"). However, they do not really make progress on this path, they tread water and in this way create new narratives that drive people into new fears. An apparently never-ending cycle. 
-There is another way
Solve ALL issues with ONE topic !
It can be that simple !
-QuiX -Video ( German)
Takeaways from Video
What if … people knew that there are no disease causing viruses?

And viruses are only invented constructs. 

What virologist  do… they are creating fiction and presenting it as reality.

What would be the significance if viruses do not exist!
The impact would be enormous.

There would be no basis for any measures .
No  viruses -no follow-up measures .
No justification for :
-mask wearing
-social distancing
-fine notices
-no vaccine and no compulsory vaccination
-no future p(l)andemics
-With no virus all these topics  dissolve.

Without viruses all WHO pandemic treaties become meaningless.
( planned for 2024)

Focus on the most essential ie. Do viruses exist?
With no virus no measures are justified.
No Viruses! No measures !  No fear!

Finally , a new opportunity to address important topics .
For meaningful use of time and budget.
No more diverted discussions.

When it comes to long-term “covid”  symptoms. Ask the right questions.
Concentrate on the real causes of illnesses.

Disease causing viruses do not exist!
It is a myth!
Next Level - Wissen Neu Gedacht  ( Knowledge Rethought)