"A Fake Pandemic" Dr 'Reiner Fuellmich' Dr. 'Mike Yeadon' 'Joseph Molitorisz' 'Meredith Miller'

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"A Fake Pandemic! Dr 'Reiner Fuellmich' Dr. 'Mike Yeadon' 'Joseph Molitorisz' 'Meredith Miller' "The only thing we need to fear – is fear itself"

April. 11, 2023. 'Covid-19' Medical & Geopolitical News. Video By Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & the icic

Dr. 'Reiner Fuellmich' analyzes the modus operandi of all responsible governments worldwide and in strange synchronicity of the beginning of the so-called Corona Pandemic with Meredith Miller, holistic coach, author and Dr. Mike Yeadon, scientist and former vice president of Pfizer and Joseph Molitorisz, philosopher.

They shed light on the psychological and inhumane methods used to panic, confuse and, with the help of the media, prevent the entire world population from using common sense to make a reality check. The viciousness of those in charge is evident not only in their own behavior during the pandemic, as they obviously had no qualms or fears about shamelessly breaking all the established rules of social distancing for their population themselves, but also in how they pretended to provide medical care for people supposedly infected with covid, leading to death for very many.

How to protect yourself from such psychological tricks and methods? Because the fear and panic-inducing narratives are not breaking even currently. Why, even after three years, people cannot let go of their fear of a virus, although there is so much information on the table that it is a matter of lies and deceptions? How will this greatest crime against humanity be dealt with and how and by whom can those responsible be held legally accountable? The most important thing in such situations is to remain calm and level-headed. Fear is the greatest enemy mankind has."


would be good if they also look into the science behind immunology

The Misinterpretation Of Antibodies





"In an interview between Dr. Stefano Scoglio and Torsten Engelbrecht, the latter explains in detail the detection method regarding antibody tests and their uselessness.
The spike protein is not isolated directly from the blood and analysed, as is, for example, the C-reactive protein, but the existence of spike proteins is assumed if antibodies are found by means of a test.”
“ Assuming there were a thousand pathogens, there should be specific antibodies for each pathogen. However, there are only five so-called immunoglobulins (IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, IgM). How should a specific immune response be possible for a thousand pathogens with five immunoglobulins?”"
"What are "antibodies" in reality
The rise is nothing more than the body's reaction to poisoning [adjuvants]. 
When the body is poisoned, holes are torn in the cells by means of these poisons and the cells break. The body's reaction when cells break down is to form sealing substance (globulins), small protein bodies that immediately expand in acid, become flat and with their hydrogen sulphide groups, in which energy is stored, to cross-link with other proteins, among other things.
These start blood clotting and wound formation, these seal our cells when toxins are implanted in the body. But also when you get a blow to the muscle, a bruise or a blow to the kidney (particularly sensitive) or the liver, there is an immediate rise in titres. The body reacts by sealing the damaged cells and sealing the naturally growing cells.
It is like building a house which is initially leaky until the windows are in and insulated, this is then called an antibody and even a specific antibody, this is not true! The binding property of these proteins with their hydrogen sulphide group is not specific, it binds to all kinds of things, you can manipulate this in the laboratory as you like by changing the acidity, adding detergents (rinsing agents) that change the mineral concentration, so you can achieve a binding or not.#
The blood of a pregnant woman is full of globulins to seal the placenta, which is constantly growing, to carry the substance to the child. The blood of a pregnant woman must be diluted 40 times so that she is not massively positive in tests, including the HIV test.
You can find more information in our article "The misinterpretation of antibodies"
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