How does the germ theory explain this away?- More sloppy ‘science’ !

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Japanese hotel boss apologises for only changing water in spa bath twice a year

"If you have ever been to an onsen, you are constantly inhaling water vapour. I couldnt think of conditions more ideal to be exposed to this so called "pathogen". If Legionella causes disease when inhaled, why weren't people bathing in the onsen developing Legionnaires disease?”)
"How does germ theory explain this away?”


The SARS Epidemic: Are Viruses Taking the Rap for Industrial Poisons?

Legionnaires’ Disease

Another acute respiratory disease is Legionnaires’ disease, also characterised by sloppy science. The disease was claimed causative for 182 casualties and 29 deaths within a few days in 1976 at the bicentennial celebration of the American Legion at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia.

After several months of study, CDC scientists announced the discovery of Legionella bacteriumas as the cause for Legionnaires’ disease. Virologists Peter Duesberg and Brian Ellison relate the story.57 “One month before the CDC isolated the bacterium, a US House of Representatives Investigative Committee held hearings excoriating the CDC for not having looked for toxic chemicals as a possible cause of the 1976 epidemic. Chairman John Murphy of New York sharply attacked the investigation because ‘

The CDC, for example, did not have a toxicologist present in their initial team of investigators sent to deal with the epidemic. No apparent precautions were taken to deal with the possibility, however remote at the time, that something else might have been the cause.'”

According to Duesberg, “The evidence indicates Legionella is actually quite harmless. Since 1976, CDC and public health investigators have found the bacteria all over the country, in water cooling towers, condensers, shower heads, faucets, humidifiers, whirlpools, swimming pools and even hot- water tanks, assorted plumbing, mud, and lakes. 

The bacterium is so universal that between 20 percent and 30 percent of the American population has already been infected, yet virtually no one ever develops Legionnaires’ disease symptoms.” Calling the organismAguanella–indicating it is simply water-borne–wouldn’t serve the CDC’s purpose. Quite by chance, the CDC’s interpretation happens to protect the chemical industry, which sells poisonous deodorants, pesticides, antibiotics, carpets, paints, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and beverages to hotels–and airlines.”


Legionnaires' disease - What is it   ?

“ Legionnaires' disease, also called legionella pneumonia or simply legionellosis, is a severe form of pneumonia. The term "severe" refers to the severity of the symptoms.