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He who makes fear has power
Learning from Corona
What kind of fear is the basis of fear-power politics?
How do you and others get out of the fear trap?
"Money makes the world go round" is an old truth. The fact that power elites use media to rule by generating fear has been shown by Rainer Mausfeld, among others, in book form and on the internet. He and others could not answer why the majority of people put up with everything. 
When analysing what happened under the label Corona, it became clear to me why about 30% of the population have started to question things and 70% defend the current state of affairs. At the same time, it has become clear to me that there is a hitherto overlooked kind of deep fear that is the basis of many fears, especially the fear of disease.
Those who are afraid can be manipulated and become victims. I will write about these things so that you can recognise and dissolve this deep fear. With the aim that the 30% becomes much more than 50%. In doing so, I will present things simply and briefly.
Stefan Lanka
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My body, my enemy 
Your body, also my enemy
The primordial cultural fear of the body
First it was gods, then God, who punished people with diseases for their sins. But who is without sin? No one! So diseases can break out at any time, and man himself is the cause. This age-old, if not millennia-old, cultural primal fear of people has been overlooked until now. This fear of one's own body is still effective today, is constantly increased and reinforces every other fear. The false claims of deadly diseases, the pandemic policy and ultimately the authority of the states are based on this fear. Only the state is supposed to guarantee health and life.
With the Enlightenment, this primordial fear of the body was snatched from God and the gods and heightened in the form of a new idea. Biology, life and the cosmos could no longer be explained by the action of information and spirit, but exclusively by molecules. These had themselves come into being by chance, had come together, and that was how life had come into being. But since there are millions of molecules that are constantly at work in life, small errors can build up into diseases. Disease therefore results from the formation of material defect carriers in one's own body. These defect carriers can become malignant and stronger than life itself.
This is the result: Everyone must expect to become ill and die at any time due to defect carriers in one's own body. Anyone who believes in this theory and is diagnosed with an incurable disease has a high risk of dying from the diagnosis even without lethal treatment. The belief of the majority that dangerous material defect carriers from another body enter one's own forces the belief in material contagion, in pathogens. This justifies the need to isolate the population, the sometimes lethal forced treatments, the fight against the dissenters of the fear belief and those who point out contradictions and offer better explanations. They endanger the only unquestioned authority of the state.
Stefan Lanka
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Your friend
Liberating knowledge
Are there material defect carriers, pathogens, metastases, mutations or viruses? The answer to this question is NO. Real biology shows it cannot be so. Why? Because everything biology does makes sense. Something that only takes and does not give does not exist in the body. EVERY symptom, every process in the body makes sense. In the body there is only togetherness, never against each other. Biology shows how life and love works: unconditionally and symbiotically even in bad times.
In these bad times, i.e. existential distress - whether believed or actual - two of our four tissue types multiply. The other two tissue types break down. This serves specifically to enable the survival of the body in this distress. Depending on which part of the body and its functions have been hit, symptoms arise which indicate to the connoisseur of biology what kind of event or information is affecting the human being.
If the human being recognises that what has happened has been dissolved, the processes are reversed. What previously grew to better digest or protect itself degrades. What previously degraded in order to move better or maintain contact, builds up again. This results in other specific symptoms. In mechanistic thinking and its coercive logic, it is difficult to recognise that two symptoms always belong together. One in existential distress and the other in the recovery, in the healing phase. That is love, together through thick and thin, through stupid too, of course. 
Mnemotechnics:  Everything that biology does makes sense.
                      Love is going through thick and thin.
Tip: The video "Biology as it is", posted on 25.2.2023
Stefan Lanka
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sick disease
triple misleading
The term disease is triply misleading. Those who use the term assume that disease is a. a disorder, b. negative changes in "cells" and tissues, and c. that the processes can become malignant. This makes it difficult to see reality. Symptoms always indicate sensible processes, not a disorder. The changes in the tissues, i.e. build-up or degradation, are always targeted and meaningful in order to ensure the survival of the human being in an existential situation. 
The longer and more intense an existential experience lasts, the longer it takes to restore the tissues, to heal. "Recognising" biology, we learn that symptoms are not the beginning of the end, but indicate the beginning and course of healing. Rarely do symptoms occur in the preceding existential phase. Limitations and pain that may occur are perceived quite differently than in the belief of an incurable C.... .  
In my view, this knowledge is a basis for the peaceful, sustainable coexistence of all people. If I understand myself, I understand the other person. And: Those who believe in war in the body find war in the outside normal and given by nature. This knowledge also explains the processes of the psyche. Why people change, what causes attraction and repulsion between people, the whole spectrum of sexuality, depression and mania, autism and everything else. A cosmos of understanding. With this knowledge, a "scientific" approach to spirituality is possible.
Always call symptoms by their name, never call them a disease, because symptoms are always meaningful and important.
The text of mine "Development of Medicine and Humanity. Where do we go from here?" 
( German)
Stefan Lanka
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Fear cartel virology
The last sacred cow
Everything is questioned except viruses! Although questioning is the first and most important, mandatory duty of every scientist. Why? All states that create fear with virus claims in order to discipline and exert violence would lose their "face". So would all those involved, the media and those critics who distract with superficialities from the central point of the cultural primal fear: Do viruses exist?
The sociologist Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy recognised 100 years ago that scholars do not like it when their ideas are replaced by better ones. They would therefore conduct pseudo-research. Thus, the idea of a disease poison, lat. virus, which replaced the idea of disease demons and punishing god/gods, was retained until today. From 1998 onwards, pseudo-research, i.e. scientific fraud, was restricted by formulating the rules of scientific work.
If one applies these rules to all publications in which disease-causing viruses are claimed, one always sees two things: 
a) the rules have never been applied and 
b) the virologists have always disproved themselves. 
The only thing they have proved is that all the signals they consider to be evidence of a virus are always just signals they generate themselves in the test tube. Because the offence of science fraud has not been included in the penal code, virologists are legally correct to be called impunity science fraudsters.
All signals that virologists pass off as disease-causing viruses are artificially generated signals in the test tube.
All relevant details about virology can be found at NEXT LEVEL - Knowledge rethought.
Stefan Lanka
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We have become 30%
How do we become more?
One success of Corona is that after the first two global obedience exercises smallpox and AIDS, which went largely unquestioned, a substantial part of the population has woken up. About 30% trust verifiable knowledge, their intuition, become fear-free and thus manipulation-resistant. 
In order to use "democratic" means to vote out the existing rule of incompetents, unconstitutional and/or insane people ("After Corona is before the next madness"), another 20% of the population is needed. Since only about 10% of the population were "of age" before Corona, and 30% have become so as a result of Corona, a further 20% is also realistic. 
How can this be achieved? With positive information about life, the body, the development of symptoms and their meaning, psychological changes, causal therapies, etc., which help people and take away their fear. From this exciting understanding it follows as if by itself that there are no viruses, mutations, metastases and that vaccination can only do harm and not good.
Note: People are grateful for information that frees them from fear and saves lives. They gladly pass on this information without being asked.
Tip: For 20 years I have been publishing a professional journal and books on these topics. Ursula Stoll is a successful book author and therapist in this field. Michael Loidl is the expert and researcher and currently gives lectures and seminars, mainly in Austria, on the subject of anxiety, neurophysiology and trauma.
Stefan Lanka
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Disease leprosy?
Exposing people
When and why did the scaring of the population begin with strategies such as leprosy, plague, syphilis, witch burning, cancer, smallpox * and AIDS to Corona? It was the Church that became the leading power in the vacuum after the collapse of the Roman Empire and the entire infrastructure, through fear politics. He who makes fear has power. Until today.
Until modern times, doctors had to study theology for 2 years and then apply it practically: God punishes sinful man with illness and death, and medical doctors help God. From the early Middle Ages onwards, anyone suspected of flouting the strict order of the church was condemned after brief questioning, suspended from the community, declared dead, and usually died in winter.
Symptoms did not even have to be present, suspicion was enough. Prof. Heinz Schott reports in the Chronicle of Medicine that "goose bumps when there is a draught" or the assertion that the person concerned has nightmares was sufficient for abandonment. From the middle of the 14th century there were again enough slaves for agriculture and wars. 95% of the population were serfs without any rights, who could be tortured and killed at any time. To deter and put down numerous uprisings, many people were killed and the terror was called the plague. More on this later.
The greater the fear, the more incapable of thinking and the more docile the people. If people trust themselves, their bodies and their lives, they are free. Real democracy is only possible with awake and free people. 
From the moment the majority of people understand how health and psyche works **, there will be effective democracy. It is in the hands and hearts of all of us.
Stefan Lanka
*  The truth about smallpox

Smallpox. Just this word alone makes us shiver. In 1958, despite the Cold War, the Soviet Union, the United States and other countries united to rid the world's population of this terrible disease. All conflicts and turmoil between the heads of these powers were set aside in order to focus joint efforts on vaccine production and supply, especially to developing countries, where the problem of smallpox was of greater concern to them than hunger, water pollution and lack of necessary resources.


It was smallpox and the massive campaign of its "eradication" it that finally popularized vaccination even in the most remote corners of our world, and vaccine advocates always pull out the trump card of smallpox “eradication” in debates with those who doubt the necessity of these procedures.


This video dispels not only the popular myth about the existence of the smallpox virus, but also the myth about the existence of smallpox as an independent disease and its "eradication”

** LankaVision 

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How does health work?

With real biology


An essential difference to the old, fearful idea of health is: symptoms are always expressions of meaningful processes! Certain symptoms indicate that a person is in a threatening, existential, unexpected situation. Tissues and behaviour are sensibly changed in such a way that survival in this situation is possible. 


Mirror image symptoms or behaviour indicate that the body is trying to restore the original state of the tissues because the existential situation has actually been resolved. Or because the person has managed to mentally transform what has happened. At this point we see a first example that and how spirit works in, with and through the human being.


Cold hands and feet, obsessive thinking, sleep disorders are leading symptoms of an existential situation. Deep fatigue, fever, pain, redness, swelling, that of recovery. This phase lasts about as long as the phase of "continuous alarm." If one defines health by the brevity of symptoms, both phases are to be kept short. It is important to recognise the "continuous alarm", to resolve it promptly, to promote the healing phase instead of interrupting or stopping it with toxic drugs.


Note: Symptoms are an expression of meaningful processes. They indicate what the body is doing and why. Short phases = short time with symptoms and pain. 


Tip: The current book by Giuliana Lüssi Replacing Fear of Illness with Knowledge - Living with Universal Biology. She uses the name Universal Biology for the underlying knowledge system of Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer. The book is also available from Ursula Stoll.


Stefan Lanka







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How does pestilence go?



In peace and harmony there are no mental injuries, there are no symptoms, no complaints. If there is local discord, in families, at work, at school, in traffic etc., this triggers isolated traumas and specific symptoms. If there is chaos in a whole region, country or countries, because of war, fear-war like Corona, heat, cold, floods, volcanism, then there are many specific symptoms.


If more symptoms occur, only one interpretation is possible in the old way of thinking, according to which life is interpreted purely materially: there must be a material cause, a mobile defect carrier. Very important: all symptoms of a clustered occurrence, as different as they are, are falsely passed off as a single entity to which one gives a name: Leprosy, smallpox, plague, etc. 


In modern epidemics AIDS, measles, animal flu, Ebola, SARS, Corona etc., there have NEVER been increased or unexpected symptoms when the epidemic was announced. Case numbers are increased in the first step by introducing test procedures that have never been calibrated, have no validity whatsoever and by further fear-mongering. Additional severe symptoms plus deaths are created by mis-treatment, isolation, induced suicides and medication.



The triggers of all symptoms of all "epidemics" are known and causally treatable.



Read Goethe, Faust I. He describes (here on page 21) how a doctor produces mercury compounds to ward off epidemics (= hellish latwerge) and kills thousands with them.


Stefan Lanka





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Virus claims are especially dangerous since Corona


After Corona is before the next madness. Are there people in politics or behind it who know what virologists know? That there are no disease-causing viruses? Who use fear to manipulate, dominate, imprison, destroy people? I assume that "politics", i.e. large corporations and asset managers do not know and do not want to know what virologists know. They simply make money, especially a lot of it with fear and war.


Prof. Hendrik Streeck, a supposedly critical virologist, warns of a new, more dangerous pandemic. ( https://www.fr.de/panorama/streeck-das-war-ein-schock-pandemie-droht-neuer-virus-ausbruch-virologe-92166258.html   - German)

He conceals the fact that there is no trace of science in virology. Another prominent infectiologist sums up the virus question: "Either agree with the definition of the colour BLUE, adopt it and "work" with that hypothesis with those who do likewise (you can't PROVE that either) or don't." So viruses are hypotheses that cannot be proven. 


Before Corona, so-called indirect testing methods were used. Only those who had one of the few symptoms attributed to the particular virus were tested. Inevitably, the number of cases always remained low. Since Corona and with the supposedly direct virus detection method PCR, depending on the specification (cycle number), none, few, many or all people can be tested "positive". And: Covid-19 was defined as an open symptom collection. All people, with any symptoms, even without symptoms, were passed off as Corona cases. 

http://wissenschafftplus.de/uploads/article/wissenschafftplus-the-virus-misconception-part-2.pdf. )



Since Corona, all people can be arbitrarily stigmatised, excluded, interned and forcibly treated with life-threatening "latwergen" (Goethe, Faust I) under the pretext "virus-positive" at any time and everywhere.



Virologists live on fear, which they constantly increase to justify their actions. Appealing to them makes no sense because they have decided to sell hypotheses as scientifically proven facts. But we are caught in the same global, self-dynamic and therefore dangerous trap. We can get out of this historically grown momentum if we perceive and internalise real biology. This will lead to a culture of understanding that will replace the current culture of fear and superstition.


Stefan Lanka





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Cancer diagnoses and fear

Please resolve both!


The historically grown, constantly increased primal fear of one's own body, which has unconsciously lain dormant in people for centuries, has a particularly strong effect with cancer diagnoses. Because of these diagnoses, people believe that the evil slumbering in the body has awakened and become stronger than the healthy. 


"C” appears as confirmation of the prophecy.

Deadly treatments are accepted.

Resulting suffering and death are final proof.

As if in a trance, nothing is questioned. 

Those affected, their families, their environment, by now the majority of the population, identify with their tormentors. 

Stockholm syndrome.

This is the reason why party dictatorship works. Only the state can fight cancer and epidemics. In the past, people ruled with open violence, today with hidden violence. In the process, the scared-to-death majority, today 70%, out of gratitude for their supposed protectors, does not want to see that we are governed via lobbyism (= corruption) by people who were never elected.

Back to biology: In the case of C-diagnoses, in contrast to epidemic claims, there is the added factor that the person affected feels completely alone, totally isolated and "exposed". This always affects "the kidney" and is often the sole cause of death. If the kidney "closes down", the filtration rate is increased in order to retain the central elixir of life, water. This can increase symptoms and pain to an unbearable level. Then there's death by legal drug intoxication.

In the next article: Mechanisms of secondary cancer diagnoses.

Remember: Get to know the real biology before you catch deadly diagnoses.

Hint: Symptoms labelled as cancer make biological sense like any other symptoms. They can become treatable and dangerous if the underlying, persistent shocks ('biological conflicts') continue for long months, years and with great intensity. It is important, as with all symptoms, to keep the "conflict-active" phase short and to resolve the underlying conflict. The healing that then begins in 0.5 to 12 hours must be accompanied sensibly, with appropriate measures, medication and painkillers that do not stop or chronify the healing.

Stefan Lanka



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Cancer and metastasis
Fatal second diagnosis

After initial diagnosis "C", more and more are questioning the diagnoses and treatment suggestions. After a second diagnosis, i.e. the claim that the cancer has spread, almost everyone gives up. Why? The second diagnosis is perceived as proof that the initial diagnosis, prognosis and therapy recommendation were correct: The evil has become super evil and has gone on the road.

The initial diagnosis often causes further "biological conflicts". During examinations, the resulting physical changes become visible. Whoever is "hit" by this diagnosis, e.g. because they believe they can no longer feed themselves, has growth in the liver. In case of fear of death, the lungs react. In the case of self-esteem collapses, the bones. In self-esteem collapses, the personality hits, the lumbar vertebrae. Etc., pp.

Since with all changes in the body, specific signals always occur at the corresponding places in the brain, the knower recognises that, where and why increased growth or degradation takes place in the body. The orthodox physician is forced by his purely material view to interpret these signals in the brain as metastases. Metastases have never been proven. They are the viruses of the oncologists. This disaster in its present form took its course in 1858. ( https://t.me/LankaVision/26)

Mnemonic: Knowledge is the greatest healer, ignorance the cause of all problems (Ancient Indian Wisdom).


Tip : In addition to real biology, internalise our history.
You will find additional security by understanding where the ideas of malevolence in the body come from and have developed. Since 2003, I and many others have been reporting on this in the magazine WissenschafftPlus.
https://www.wplus-verlag.ch/de_DE/cat/einzel-ausgaben )

In the next article: Faith and health. Is it possible? If so, how?

Stefan Lanka






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Argumentation level 3

May be an image of ‎3 people and ‎text that says '‎"Time "۔" is absolute" -Isaac Newton "Time is relative." -Albert Einstein "Time was invented by clock companies to sell more clocks." -Karl Marx‎'‎‎

This has nothing to do with science...


it must have been by the use of the Holy water...

Sorry, i forgot on manipulated statistics...

Worthy to translare... https://sk.wikipedia.org/wiki/Východoslovenské_roľnícke_povstanie SK/DE/HUN

Thanks , true.

Discussion on a forum :

Pure Materialism

In materialism it has to be something material, that's why you invent something so tiny that you can't see it, the main thing is that it has something to do with matter, actually it's only a wafer-thin difference, but that's exactly the territorial boundary and it's up to defended death
You can't go to a hungry lion and take away his piece of meat, it's exactly the same principle.
( one reason why so many critics are still defending the virology fraud) 
The materialists just managed to sell a computer model as reality, they are really good at that, but once you know how the magic tricks work, you can only shake your head
It is exactly like that.
There are (probably already) ready-made concepts for a correspondingly completely wrong world view and science was invented for this.
As a result, megalomaniac architects disguised as scientists of a desired new world order with a God complex can determine and reinvent the entire world view.
Common sense is switched off by science so that one's own perception is no longer trusted.
And so it is that a majority, contrary to their senses, thinks they are speeding at over 100,000 km/h through an empty "space" filled with unproven "dark energy" and "dark matter".
Anyone who takes science seriously has not understood what it is all about.