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So small - and yet so dangerous   ( German)

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The destructive power and health hazards of the nanoparticles used (e.g. in the vaccines) are officially known to the mainstream, as well as to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research - BMBF, and are openly communicated.

We have summarised in our article why the nanoparticles used in the BioNTech vaccine are even more dangerous. The manufacturers must answer for this.

Incidentally, it was Dr Stefan Lanka who proved in 2009 and forced the PEI to openly admit that there were nanoparticles in the swine flu vaccine.

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"Summarised in a nutshell:

Real biochemistry: nanoparticles are extremely reactive, can hardly be broken down and disturb and destroy all tissues with which they come into contact. The body reacts to this disturbance for repair purposes by forming globulins, which are misinterpreted by conventional medicine as antibodies."


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Dear Mr. Holger Fischer, lawyer,

We would like to respond to your question as to how the different symptoms (which you mentioned in your post of 19.03.2023* ) can be explained if they cannot be viral spike proteins (since these do not exist- ) in the following article.

* ( German)

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The previous three posts show that we should also carefully examine which claims from the critical ranks are provable. Whether spikes or nanoparticles damage the male testicles is, incidentally, irrelevant in the end: unable to procreate is unable to procreate.
From time to time, one comes across the claim that the mRNA introduced into the human body with the "vaccination" is not capable of producing spikes. Of course, this theory is also unproven and has its weaknesses, because in view of the bundle of symptoms in vaccinated people, from the weakening of the immune system, the massive occurrence of autoantibodies to internal bleeding and blood clots, I would like to hear an explanation from the deniers of the spike proteins as to whether these should all be attributed to the toxicity of the nanoparticles.

They are extremely small and due to their huge surface area - compared to their small volumes - they have a constantly high catalytic activity for very many chemical reactions. They constantly produce inflammatory reactions at their location in the body, which means disruption and destruction. It is precisely these nanoparticles that are responsible for the toxic damage of corona vaccinations, in addition to the "psychosomatic" vaccine damage. Implanted in the muscle, they constantly create destruction and subsequently repair processes for which the body releases a larger amount of globulins (misinterpreted as "antibodies") than normal. These poisoning effects from the implanted nanoparticles are misinterpreted as immune protection.

If these nanoparticles are not kept in the muscle long enough and enter the bloodstream, this can lead to

  • thrombosis which can cause paralysis and death.

If these fat-soluble nanoparticles get into nerve tracts

  •  this can be the cause of the observed rapid neurological deficits, including falling sickness and narcolepsy, but also of overpressure in the brain, which can lead to unconsciousness and death.

The rapid toxic effects of vaccinations particularly affect old, weakened people, because toxins require a constant high energy supply to keep them "in check". If this energy is lacking, the toxins travel towards the heart and brain and cause, among other things, thromboses and neurological damage in the nervous system and brain.

Children who are in growth phases are also affected. If the body's energy is used for growth phases or hormone fluctuations during puberty cause a rapid back and forth of building and breaking down processes, there is no energy to keep these toxins bound.

BioNTech RNA vaccine
Strictly speaking, the BioNTech RNA vaccine is even more dangerous than nanoparticles themselves, because the RNA to be vaccinated is encased in lipid nanoparticles and here we find a double-reactive mixture that can (will) accumulate mainly in the brain and cause much more narcolepsy than was the case with the swine flu vaccine.

The mRNA vaccine from Mainz contains fats in their non-dissolvable and constantly very reactive nano-particle form, including the known allergen, the solvent PEG (polyethanol glycol). In addition, the vaccine can (will) lead to chromosome strand breaks in an unknown number of people and resulting energy weakness, infertility and disability of the offspring if the chromosome breaks also happen in the "germ line" of the men and women.

These inflammatory reactions caused by the nanoparticles are well known in science. It is all the more surprising that this knowledge is suppressed by so many, and instead indirect evidence is provided, such as an imaginary viral spike protein.

For further information, we recommend the following articles:
-Nanoparticles: So small - yet so dangerous ( German)

- Dangerous claims: False criticism of Corona vaccination? ( German)

In our next NL Magazine, we will publish an article on the topic of shedding in the subscriber section.

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 k & b, No. 04: Nanoparticles and vaccinations
An excerpt from A.A.A., No. 03: “Corona – it’s about more!” – Part 2

- When it comes to the dangers of vaccinations and vaccines, there is now, unfortunately, a lot of exaggerated and sometimes outrageous scaremongering on the critical scene, in addition to good, factual information. To warn and educate is right and important, but one should never spread fear!

– – –

-why vaccines always contain highly toxic substances
- what the nanoparticles in vaccines are all about and what kind of damage they can cause
- why the vaccines definitely have no effect on female fertility
-why the 2009 “swine flu” vaccination campaign failed
- how vaccination damage has been swept under the rug for many years

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Has 9 min video, a rough translation/ interpretation


Nanoparticles and Vaccines

There is a lot of fear creation by critical people and those in alternative circles.
Everything that creates fear without offering a solution is dangerous.
Fear can cause mental and physical illness, can kill.

What is happening with ‘vaccines’

Traditionally an anti- poison is supposed to be produced by the body. In reality the body is making globulins ( round protein molecules), those are actually produced as a response to long acting poisons eg aluminium

(This has happened  in the past ( ie  delusional injuring and killing by doctors ) mentioned by Goethe to escape censorship only in  the 3 rd edition of Faust using the old day alchemy language.( he mentions the quote) 
Interpreted- Doctors used a mixture that had organic mercury, those who received too much were made insane and the rest applauded the doctors that they saved them as they predicted that everyone would die.


What is happening today is an idea developed from cancer that is claimed to be a genetic disease . They wanted to find every possible genetic pattern to identify the cancer from individual genes.

They do that by using mRNA. It does not work , the whole theory is false.

That is why they need to get the money out of this mRNA technology that does not work . They are pushing it without any inhibitions during the corona crisis.

If it were to work as said then, Dr Bhakti would be correct , he personally believes that it may eradicate the human species.
If it worked in reality, the claim is that we would have a specific antibody against the spike protein.
The spike protein is in reality not a part of a virus but a protein that during fertilisation , ie when the kern implants and the placenta forms , it is created there in great concentrations.
This is what virology took as part of the virus.
So theory of an antibody that locks like a key to this protein that would destroy female reproduction makes sense if the theory was correct?
That is why Bhakti believe we will eradicate ourselves.

Fortunately it does not work like that, the whole genetics .

What works is the delivery substances / nanoparticles  which are toxic and cause damage.


Swine flu 2009

Eg. During swine flu , the scandal ,( Germany )  that the people working for the federal government got the vaccines without the enhancer , the nanoparticles. The people were outraged and that was one of the contributing factor for people refusing the jabs. 

Now , they say we only have lipid particles as carrier for the mRNA in a lipid bubble.
But those nanoparticles are so small, much smaller than the mRNA so they cannot transport anything.
That is why Pfizer or Biotech store them at such low temperatures-o -50, -80C
Because these nanoparticle are so aggressive they would decompose everything including the mRNA.

That is also one of the reason the swine vaccine campaign failed, people have to know that.   
They had the vaccine ready to administer in vials. They notice when stored that proteins( supposedly parts of viruses) decomposed in the vials so doctors did not want to administer them.

Because of lack of time they put the proteins in small ampoules and they put the nanoparticles in mini-ampoules .
The doctor (  jabs for 10 people as need to be fast for them to get cash) put the nanoparticle in the protein ampoule but that could not be stored overnight as they would be decomposing the proteins.
The trust at the time was not great so doctors did not have 10 patients / day to jab and the doctors were left with the bills. So the doctors stopped administering the swine flu vaccines.
Then, chaos broke and they burned everything.
That was 2009, the scepticism, that nanoparticles are dangerous reminiscent of asbestos, micro dust, act as a catalyst.


Want is very dangerous today, are the nanoparticles as it is nearly impossible for the body to neutralise them or eliminate them.
They are injected in the body, and they work their way through the muscle.
If one is unfortunate and has little energy ie  cannot hold /localise  
the toxins in one place  they suffers side effects If have lots of energy can hold the toxin, if little  energy one cannot.

If the nanoparticles get into the blood very quickly you get thrombosis.
If they reach the nerves quickly ( if there is a nerve close to the injection site) it gets to the brain and you end up with inflammation in the brain.
That is also what happens when children suddenly die after a vaccine, the toxins get to the brain and cause  brain inflammation and they die from the pressure in the brain.

That is what is going on.

In the vaccine trials they seem not to know or do not want to know that a placebo group does not actually exists.
They claim the active ingredient ie part of the protein / mRNA but ignore the nanoparticles that are also in the placebo group.

Two things happen.
-both groups get similar side effects from the nanoparticles and that is brushed under the carpet. Then, they claim there are similar side-effects that may have some bases in some unknown genetics and has nothing to do with the vaccines.
– the studies are conducted in the poorest of the poorest, eg. in the slums of Brazil, Cuba, Paraguay ,Uruguay.
They get a bit of money a few weeks after the end of the study. If they report any symptoms they are kicked out of the study.
So when they , then, vaccinate the weak and elderly no surprise so many die , 10-30%.

But this is out culture.
As Goethe mentioned in the past , people were given the medicine, people died but none asked if  anyone got well / healed ( or something like that) 


telegram translate:


You (NL) write:
"In addition, in an unknown number of people, the vaccine can (will) lead to chromosomal strand breaks and the resulting lack of energy,..."

What causes chromosomal strand breaks or how are they caused???


"The shortest answer would probably be that one can say that so-called fractures lead to the restriction of the energy supply.

Why "ruptures" occur, whether by natural or external influences, does not say anything about the specific consequences they have

Chromosomal breaks prove that the gene hypothesis is wrong, because specific symptoms never appear, rather several, non-specific symptoms are always given out as a syndrome. It goes without saying that this can lead to restrictions in the energy supply.

The breaks are seen only in the short stages when the chromosomes are condensed and can be visualized. Chromosomes are structures that release the surface membrane substance from the water by looping and in their vibrating "accordion form" (= condensed form). They are the metabolic resonators and stabilizers at the same time

The assumption is that the chromosomal changes in general, the small and the large ones, are the result of a longer-lasting metabolic change (possibly also toxins) and not vice versa.



My derivation from this and a few thoughts:

a) Chromosomes in condensed form are responsible for generating the energy of life (surface membrane substance).

b) Chromosome breaks also occur naturally, presumably as a result of a metabolic change.
Note: Now that I think of it in the context of pleomorphism, a chromosomal break doesn't necessarily have to be bad, it could also be a condition in a natural cycle.

c) When there is a chromosomal break (which we can only detect in a condensed form) does it actually affect the production of the energy of life?

d) Perhaps chromosomal breaks are natural to some extent, only if they go beyond a certain level does energy production and hence energy supply decrease.

We are on a micro level here, trying to explain reactions in the body. Is that really the case? I don't know it. But if we want to use the knowledge for ourselves, the question arises how can I maintain/promote my energy production and then we are quickly back to the basics. In other words, it's a piece of the puzzle to explain life to yourself.. but it's exciting