What about the early treatment protocol?

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Takeaways from the video

How ‘they’ convinced doctors and , then,the doctors convinced the population that this alternative protocols or early treatment protocols actually work.
It turned out if you did nothing or little you also had similar outcome, ie you were not going to die as had nothing to do with a virus.

The people who promoted the ‘ miracle ‘ alternative protocols , they just seem  to work as less toxic and harmful than the official protocols ie. Midazolam, remdesivir, ventilators, high doses of hydroxychloroquine, a standard of care that harmed and killed many.
(Drugs were key in about 200,000 extra death in Europe and USA , October 2020a detailed article that could not be a new virus .
Even if one believed in viruses at the time the contradictions were too obvious ( eg. In Switzerland a virus that speaks several languages and different mortality rate depending on the German,Italian or French region)


They are promoting a theory and a model that has no scientific basis. These doctors have no clue about the science, they  have openly admitted that they never read the science.
The scary part these are at the forefront of the so called freedom community.
Same with cancer treatments, alternative are often just less toxic . Somehow they convinced the doctors and people. The outcome is not because the alternative help but they are not killing the patient as with toxic conventional cancer treatments.

To help people one needs to understand how these situation develop to actually do something about them.
( same with AIDS and alternative treatments, with vaccines)

If you just compare alternative treatments to toxic treatments and claim to work better you do not help the patient, same with 'covid' repackaged  symptoms,
One needs to understand how disease comes on. That is actually the main job of a physician which they do not see as part of their job ( as they seem to follow protocols).
One has to question the doctors scientific integrity and if they want to go to a doctor or not.


Many critics talk about unproven theories as opposed to observable empirical evidence that used to be science.
Nowadays empirical has been categorised as anecdotal, what you see with your own eyes is dismissed.

Dr. Barre Paul Lando's (Alfa Vedic) message to Del Bigtree
( 1 min 47 sec)