Dear virologists and all virus believers,

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Dear virologists and all virus believers,

New panic is stirred up: New coronavirus discovered - Streeck: "Could trigger new pandemic" ( German, 24 March 2023)


With a few sentences and targeted questions you can expose any virologist. We can tell you that no virologist will or can refute these statements and answer the questions clearly and correctly. Thus he (the virologist) confirms that his thesis about disease-causing viruses are nothing more than fictitious digital constructions which have never been sufficiently controlled.


1. All publications on disease-causing viruses describe in detail that the nucleic acids used for sequencing are required for the creation of the "viral" genome from the fluids used for this purpose ( human, animal, microbe, etc.) and not from a definable, i.e. previously isolated and characterised source (e.g. virus).


2. Regarding virological statements concerning "[...] that quite a considerable part of the human genome has a viral origin." the following:
The many allegedly viral sequences of humans are not viral, but human, and only the viral sequences were constructed with them. So it is just the other way round.
Metabolism constantly produces a large amount of RNA gene sequences of any composition that do not appear in the form of DNA sequences in the chromosomes. This fact calls into question the existence claims of all RNA viruses, such as Corona virus, Ebola virus, HIV, measles virus and the SARS viruses.

In particular, the checks on the nucleic acid sequence of the "measles virus" commissioned to a laboratory by Dr. Stefan Lanka in 2016 have shown:
The result for the genetic examination showed that the genome sequences of the measles virus are not - as claimed - of viral origin, but that the sequences of the measles virus are identical to a high percentage (about 99.7798%) with the monkey (monkey) sequences. The match to bovine and human sequences is around 98.6158% and 34%, respectively.


3.The symptoms attributed to viruses can be fully explained by better, non-contradictory evidence.


4.To "save miles of unnecessary discussion" some simple questioning for the professorial virologist:

What are:
a) The error rates of the different steps of the applied sequencing technique NGS and nanopore sequencing?

b) The two error rates of reverse transcription of RNA into DNA?

c) The error rates of non-specific PCR amplification at cycles - numbers 12, 25, 35, 45?

d) The error rates of specific primer PCR at cycles - numbers 12, 25, 35, 45?


5.If you apply these error rates in the computer to the DNA sequences, what viral sequences come out?

Whoever answers these questions and publishes them can become a "hero" and will certainly get a lot of "mileage" 

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All the best
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Virus claims are especially dangerous since Corona

After Corona is before the next madness. Are there people in politics or behind it who know what virologists know? That there are no disease-causing viruses? Who use fear to manipulate, dominate, imprison, destroy people? I assume that "politics", i.e. large corporations and asset managers do not know and do not want to know what virologists know. They simply make money, especially a lot of it with fear and war.

Prof. Hendrik Streeck, a supposedly critical virologist, warns of a new, more dangerous pandemic. He conceals the fact that there is no trace of science in virology. Another prominent infectiologist sums up the virus question: "Either agree with the definition of the colour BLUE, adopt it and "work" with that hypothesis with those who do likewise (you can't PROVE that either) or don't." So viruses are hypotheses that cannot be proven.

Before Corona, so-called indirect testing methods were used. Only those who had one of the few symptoms attributed to the particular virus were tested. Inevitably, the number of cases always remained low. Since Corona and with the supposedly direct virus detection method PCR, ( ) depending  on the specification (cycle number), none, few, many or all people can be tested "positive". And: Covid-19 was defined as an open symptom collection. All people, with any symptoms, even without symptoms, were passed off as Corona cases.

Since Corona, all people can be arbitrarily stigmatised, excluded, interned and forcibly treated with life-threatening "latwergen" (Goethe, Faust I) under the pretext "virus-positive" at any time and everywhere.

Virologists live on fear, which they constantly increase to justify their actions. Appealing to them makes no sense because they have decided to sell hypotheses as scientifically proven facts. But we are caught in the same global, self-dynamic and therefore dangerous trap. We can get out of this historically grown momentum if we perceive and internalise real biology. This will lead to a culture of understanding that will replace the current culture of fear and superstition.

Stefan Lanka


-LankaVision on Telegram

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