"It was all a software calculation."

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WEF 2023 - President of Illumina on vaccines:
"It was all a software calculation."


The claimed structure (virus) was never seen !

Virologists received several genome proposals on 10/1/2020 that differed significantly (difference: 159%)

A Paradoxon!
A virus is defined in science by its specific genetic material belonging only to that virus.

-Despite this contradiction, a decision was arbitrarily made for one of these digitally constructed sequences, which was not reviewed by anyone. On the basis of this decision, the so-called vaccines were produced .

This is called the biology of digital transformation.

- The sequence data Fan Wu et al. are not reproducible.


- The sequences used are not viral


- Note: "All published "viral" genomes are pure mathematical models, which have never been proven in reality."

-Francis deSouza [WEF 3:20 - 4:45]


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Perfect example of fear propaganda. We must be terrified of the A,C,T,G's in a database representing fictional bat "coronaviruses" that could jump from the computer and into us at any moment. 




Why stop at fearing other people and animals when you can also fear that your your fruit will infect you as well?  


 Source: ViroLiegy telegram


Dangerous claims:
False criticism of Corona vaccination?

Shedding, spike protein and nattokinase ?

Statements made through misinterpretation.

The claimed dangerousness of the allegedly genetically engineered Corona vaccinations is based on the false assumptions that there is the Corona virus, genetic engineering and an immune system, that the latter would get out of control through the vaccination and harm and kill the vaccinated.

This conceals the actual and long known dangers and harms of nanoparticles in the vaccines !

While the obvious is ignored, fictitious causes are claimed which are scientifically untenable and keep people trapped in a fear and panic mode.

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