Fear Cartel Virology , The last sacred cow

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Fear Cartel Virology

The last sacred cow


Everything is questioned, just not the viruses! Although questioning is the first and foremost mandatory duty of every scientist. Why? All states that use virus claims to create fear in order to discipline and use violence would lose their "face". The same goes for everyone involved, the media and those critics who use superficiality to distract from the central point of the primal cultural fear: Are there viruses?


The sociologist Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy recognized 100 years ago that scholars do not like it when their ideas are replaced by better ones. They would therefore conduct pseudo-research. So the idea of a disease poison, lat. virus, which replaced the idea of disease demons and punishing god/gods, has been retained to this day. From 1998, pseudo-research, i.e. scientific fraud, was restricted by formulating the rules of scientific work.


If you apply these rules to all publications in which disease-causing viruses are claimed, you will always see two things:

a) the rules have never been applied and

b) the virologists have always disproved themselves.


The only thing they've proven is that whatever signals they take as evidence of a virus are always just signals they generate in the test tube itself. Because the offense of science fraud was not included in the criminal code, virologists are legally correct to be described as science fraudsters with impunity.



All signals that virologists give out as disease-causing viruses are artificially generated signals in the test tube.



All relevant details about virology can be found at NEXT LEVEL - knowledge rethought



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