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Lab Leak Theory + Upcoming Potential Debates - Recorded on March 15, 2023

Today, we discussed more on the lab leak theory.  I would like my listeners to get involved with preparing for potential debates with the "freedom community" who believe in the existence of viruses.

If you can find a study or paper that claims viruses exist please let us know and post the links in the comment section below.

Here is the link to the article we discussed by Paul Craig Roberts:

Watch the webinar recording here:





Why do the alternative critics keep the virology fraud alive? There are no natural or lab produce viruses, no gain of function or lab escape.

Aside from trauma, toxicity/ poisoning  and severe nutritional deficiency,  there is no  ‘it’  that causes “ disease ‘ ie. no material ‘it’ or pathogenic cause.That is not how biology works. 
Symptoms are biological processes and  meaningful biological programs to  keep one alive , to cope  and compensate for  biological conflicts - see Dr Hamer , GNM , the lawsof biology.


 ‘Pandemics ‘have been used for centuries to scare and control the population. 

There never were and never  will be pathogenic ‘epidemics/ pandemics’ or bioweapons . Vaccines may be chemical  weapons but not biological.

They may inject toxic chemicals in people ie the adjuvants , catalytic  nanoparticles  and metal impurities to get a poisonous reaction ie  an increase in  nonspecific immunoglobulins which is a repair/ healing reaction of the body .




A bit of honesty from  conventional medicine

“Nothing has changed so much in the health-care system over the past twenty-five years as the public’s perception of its own health. The change amounts to a loss of confidence in the human form. The general belief these days seems to be that the body is fundamentally flawed, subject to disintegration at any moment, always on the verge of mortal disease, always in need of continual monitoring and support by health-care professionals. This is a new phenomenon in our society.” Clifton Meador M.D.