No Virus Is International

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"People around the world are becoming more aware of the ‘no virus’ argument as the “science” of virology has been exposed. However, there is often a language barrier when it comes to reaching some countries. Many of the best-known critics of virology are in the English-speaking world and have developed strong alliances with large followings. 

The good news is that the movement for truth is truly international and this video will look at some of the advancements being made in regions that are perhaps lesser known to most of our English-speaking audience. 

And could the madness of COVID-19 end up bringing the world closer together?…"


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Vaccines are the biggest scam perpetuated on the human race. And now, virology is morphying into genomics. mRNA technology does not work as noone has proven that ribosomes  exist but are EM artefacts ( see Harold Hillman)


"Why do we continue to see outbreaks of "mpox," "avian flu," "RSV," etc.?

They know that they cannot keep people afraid of "Covid" forever and that they need to get their mRNA injections into fearful arms in other ways."