NEXT LEVEL in an interview on AUF1: The verifiability of all statements( English Subtitles) / NEXT LEVEL im Interview bei AUF1: Die Nachprüfbarkeit aller Aussagen

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NEXT LEVEL in an interview on AUF1: The verifiability of all statements( English Subtitles, 
Article ( German)
NEXT LEVEL im Interview bei AUF1: Die Nachprüfbarkeit aller Aussagen
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On 25 February 2023, the long-awaited interview between us from NEXT LEVEL - Wissen neu gedacht and the successful alternative broadcaster AUF1 was broadcast [1], in which primary questions concerning the refutation of the previous claim of the existence of pathogenic viruses were discussed.
At the beginning, we would like to thank AUF1 very much for being one of the very few portals in the alternative scene that offered us the opportunity to bring this controversial topic to a wider audience or to open up this debate space in the first place.
Our commitment was and is to conduct this discussion on a factual and argumentative level with the critics, something that has been rejected by the majority of others so far. AUF1 has dared to take the big step here and made this possible for us. We at NEXT LEVEL - Knowledge rethought are always ready to enter into discourse and conduct interviews with others.
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In this article, we provide all sources and explanations for the statements made in the interview with AUF1 and would like to achieve the greatest possible transparency and comprehensibility in this way.
The following topics of the interview are analysed:
History of virology, or the concept of virus (short form).
  • How did viruses come into existence in the first place and for what purpose?
  • The establishment of a new detection method happened in 1954 by John F. Enders
-The detection method in virology, the so-called cytopathic effect (CPE)
  • Virologists kill tissue unnoticed in the laboratory
  • The alleged cultivation of the virus
  • The poisoning and starvation of the cell culture and sample in vitro (laboratory) lead to the cytopathic effect
  • The chemicals and antibiotics used are problematic and can themselves lead to CPE!
-The subject area of control experiments/experiments
  • The introduction of a uniform and binding set of rules for scientific work
  • Scientific rules and guidelines of the German Research Foundation
  • All controls are missing in virological publications and are therefore to be classified as unscientific.
  • Five examples of mandatory control experiments that have not been carried out by virologists to date:
  • Mock-infected controls "Mock-infected cells".
  • What does "negative control samples" mean, such as buffers or water ?
  • The excuses of the virologists and court-appointed experts for the omission of mandatory scientific controls
  • Worldwide correspondence with leading virologists and institutions
  • Dr. Stefan Lanka & team self-financed controls in different laboratories.
-What are these structures that are sold to us as viruses in the pictures?
-Exosomes- what are they?
  • The theory of exosomes is only an auxiliary hypothesis!
  • Harold Hillman & Gilbert N. Ling- The artefacts of EM images & refutation of the cell theory. 
-The mathematical construction of a "viral" genome
-The failed contagion experiments
  • The Gallups Island Files - The failed Spanish flu contagion experiment
  • The Human Challenge Study confirms: Contagion experiments failed again
  • Influenza pandemics of 1789, 1889 & 1918 disprove the contagion myth
-The measles virus trial - court records and verdicts confirm the refutation of the virus existence claim



2012 edition
 Real science is dead.

Researchers are no longer trying to seek and speak the truth. Scientists no longer believe in the truth. They no longer believe that there is an eternal unchanging reality beyond our human organisation which they have a duty to discover and disseminate. Hence, the vast structures of personnel and resources that constitute modern science are not real science but merely a professional research bureaucracy.

The consequences? Research literature must be assumed to be worthless or misleading and should almost always be ignored.

In practice, this means that nearly all science needs to be demolished (or allowed to collapse) and real science rebuilt outside the professional research structure, from the ground up, by real scientists who regard truth-seeking as an imperative and truthfulness as an iron law.



Who creates the fear?
The ‘experts ‘ , both the official and the critics create fear. Who delivers the tools for fear politics?
-The paid scientists
-The critics - some intentional but during covid many unintentionally as they believe in their false dogmas.
The paid scientists
The people who get paid to produce the science know exactly , it is of zero relevance.This is the reality, the corruption of science.