US Department of Energy calls SARS-CoV-2 lab leak "most likely"

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US Department of Energy calls SARS-CoV-2 lab leak "most likely"
...and almost all media - both mainstream and alternative media - jump on this train unchecked....
We can say that at no time has a supposedly disease-causing virus escaped from a laboratory.
 This thesis is not only refuted by reality, which is continuously being ignored (to stick to this unfounded thesis?), but is not based on a single reliable basis. This claim is intended to distract and confuse from essential facts.
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The basis of this fact, we have summarized in an article:
Gain-of-Function & The Laboratory Thesis: Nothing more than creating panic
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Take -aways

old virology  abandoned itself  in 1952 as they did control experiments . They thought it was a toxic protein that replicates on its own but when they let healthy organs decay they came out with the same proteins and in animal experiments they could never prove infection.
This  never reached the public , the polio vaccination went on.
-A shift in virology in 1954 that went unnoticed , blinded by a Nobel Prize in the old virology .
They based this on bacteriophages as they never could isolate or see ‘ viruses’ in a host. Isolation  is separate from everything else, this never happened. 
-Until June 1954 they thought when cells die in a test tube they are transforming themselves into viruses. 
This mass of dying cells they call isolate because they believed they isolated something outside the lab in our test tube. They can freeze it and if use the whole smashed cells they called it a live vaccine and if they isolated certain proteins out of it it is a dead vaccine as only have part of the virus so the virus is not alive.
They never carried out a control experiment that the technique is producing the effect
The dying of the cells is equaled with the presence of the virus , that it is multiplying and turning the animal or human matter into viruses.
They are fooling themselves and the public.
How do virologist explain Hepatitis? - they gave us 5 different types.
Virologist kill cells in test-tubes and they believe when they are dying a virus must be there. 
When they do it with different cells , from another animal or another source they speak about different strains. 
The first one to say , I have a new virus , give the idea how the virus should look , etc ,the model. All the others who find similar effects say , look l have another strain, it shows these similarities , it is also a hepatitis virus but this one is not killing  as many cells so they claim it is a harmless strain or it became harmless over time. 
How do they determine contagious  from non-contagious?
They observe when cell cultures are dying . 
-If the extend of dying is quick they claim it is a  really harmful virus  and if the extend takes weeks to starve the cells to death they say it is a harmless virus.
-The  second  way is with animal experiments .The way the are doing the experiments are inducing the symptoms in animals which they equate  to hepatitis. They give the animal the biological conflict that gives the reaction. They are injecting huge amounts of liquids , high volumes directly through the eye into the brain, through the ear into the brain , inside the lung with a tube or injecting huge amounts directly in the belly with no control experiments.  When claim they  have a virus that is harmless or less pathogenic they do different experiments with the animals not so damaging.And no control experiments with sterilised liquid .
Photographs of ‘viruses’
They  show us structures of dying cells . When they cut through it they call it villi and when they see  a circle they say this is the virus. But they never did a biochemical analysis.
 -Another type of photos is shown where they not look through tissue , putting it in resin and cutting in thin slices.They claim viruses. 
They spin a test tube  with a liquid out of cell culture and we spin down the viruses, they stir up with a pipette . This liquid that is full of proteins, fatty acids and soup dissolved inside . By spinning proteins and fatty acids they are creating soap bubbles, micelle  .(Micelles are spheres of lipids that form in aqueous solutions -
They add stain, let it dry and say , look this is the virus and we got them in high numbers. 
In every paper they have never isolated it and looked if they find the proteins that have been part of the envelope of the virus and the core of the virus , its nucleic acid , they never did the biochemistry. And they never used uninfected particles doing exactly the same.- no control experiments
Self - deception 
Because someone thought how can we replicate a virus if we do not know how it looks. 
They  oriented on bacteriophages and minispores which one can see inside the host in great number . You take them, isolate them  directly . 
After every isolation you see there is the same amount of protein in the mini-spore. In every type of bacteriophage and giant ‘virus’ ( minispore) you see a nucleic acid of a given size, always the same size, always the same structure, always the same sequence.
But not in human virology and animal virology . 
After 1954 the virus was thought to be a genetic material,  a bad one, that programs our cells only to replicate the virus and in doing so dying on its own and eventually an organ is going to die or the patient.
To isolate and demonstrate the existence of a viral genome is easy and has been done for decades to directly show the presence of nucleic acid of a given size , called gel electrophoresis . 
What virologists do , from the millions of the  genetic  debris of nuclei acids  very short range , they sequence millions  and , then, add them mentally together  using programs for a genome of a virus that never existed. 
They claim later they use the PCR test to find fragments  which are said to be part of the genome. 
But in reality they do everything mentally, called alignment and they never did a control experiment to try to get the same alignment out of exactly the same thing, same  condition but sterilised blood or body fluid .
The model used has never been real but a mental  construct. They are self full -filling their own models and they orient  themselves  on bacteriophages of bacteria.
The notion that they were able to find virus in blood or body fluid , never,  ever. All photographs  are from the test tubes with their very specialised animal cultures that only stay alive with fetal serum . 
Every photo that is said to be a virus is from a test tube and never from a liquid out of a body.
And we need to wear  a mask.
 If had thousands of viruses in our breath would be easy to get a genome isolated out of it  if just spit in test tube. 
They are not honest , they should tell the public that they never, ever found something in the human being, in the blood, in the liquid , never found the genetic material .