NEXT LEVEL - Knowledge rethought in an interview with AUF1 In conversation - Do disease-causing viruses exist?

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NEXT LEVEL - Knowledge rethought in an interview with AUF1
In conversation - Do disease-causing viruses exist?
In this interview, we from NEXT LEVEL - Wissen neu gedacht presented our view on the existence of so-called "disease-causing viruses" to AUF1 and explained our arguments in a way that is easy for the layperson to understand.
Virologists demonstrably omit important, scientifically prescribed controls and confirm this in writing. Genomes are constructed mathematically and definitions of terms - such as isolate - are misused and redefined. In this way, dogmas are kept alive which have long been disproved. 
In the next few days we will publish an article in which all statements will be supported by sources. Due to our own financed controls, more than 500 correspondences and analyses of virological publications, we can support all statements with solid evidence. This is a particular thorn in the side of critics of our work. 
Topics of discussion:
- How did disease-causing viruses come to be claimed to exist in the first place ?
-Lack of control experiments in virology
-Koch's postulates 
-The detection method, the so-called cytopathic effect (CPE)
-What are these structures that are sold to us as viruses in the pictures ?
-Failed contagion experiments
-The construction of a "viral" genome
-Exosomes - what are they?
-HIV studies
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A Takeaway from interview ( rough translation/ interpretation
Why is the existence of a virus so important?
We have all seen how it led to an unimaginable situation in the last 3 years  .
1. At a press of a button they can trigger another pandemic, all you need is come up with a test and produce cases and trigger  a pandemic.
2. We also want  people not to fear other people because of the  false belief in transmission of disease that has never  been scientifically proven.
3. We want  science  to finally concentrate their research on why do people really get sick.
Scientists concentrate on these ideas  from yesterday that have been refuted long time ago . ( eg. cell theory, immunology, virology ) 
All vaccine and other interventions are not effective as they cannot work if the virus does not exist.
It is important for people to understand that virology is pseudoscience and does not apply the scientific method.
Viruses, are firstly, computer models and you get ‘variants’  each time  you run a computer program.
We do not say that there is no pathogen as one cannot prove a negative ie. You cannot prove the nonexistence of something that has not been shown to exist.
We can refute it as the scientific evidence is lacking, all experiments to try and prove transmission have failed.
The  hypothesis  of contagion has been refuted, so if there are no pathogens what causes disease?
It is a combination of factors, environmental, weather conditions, poisons, nutrition, stress ( very important) .
What about measles,  rabies, AIDS, etc? 
As there is no immediate obvious cause the hypothesis of viruses sounds so good and everyone  swallowed  this idea without questioning. 
No-one  knows exactly , it needs proper research which is not being done.
It was done in the past and they could not prove transmission . They  just progressed with pseudoscience and  now they make good money out of it.
Why people fall ill at similar times is also easy to explain:
the  same climatic conditions, same stress factors can be similar in a  family group or community  ( see lockdown) , same  environmental conditions , nutrition, poisoning. 
One needs to do  investigate properly  with scientific experiments that can be replicated .
No-one has done that yet as they scientists have concentrated on this virus idea that was never been proven , as if under a spell.