The fear of the collapse of one's own world view

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"The fear of the collapse of one's own world view
deepL translate:
Which was bullshit, 
if I may speak so freely, 
are these outdoor rules .
Karl Lauterbach, Health Minister
Those who spread false news, 
want to harm you! 
Disinformation can cost lives!
Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission
Dear friends
Daniele Ganser diagnosed three different fears during the Corona hysteria. The fear of illness and death, the fear of dictatorship and the fear of poverty. When people discuss different fears, argument is programmed.
However, in my opinion, he did not mention one important fear: The fear that one's own world view could be shaken. Part of this world view is the belief that "we" are the good guys. We, the "value West". And that our leaders may not be perfect, but still want the best for us.
Those who are addicted to this fear ignore all counter-arguments and clear facts: Illegal wars of aggression, torture in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo, drone killings, surveillance, and now apparently the blowing up of the Nordstream II pipeline, all to the account of the US leadership or its secret services.
Yet they are our "friends". It is becoming increasingly clear that many Corona coercive measures ordered were "bullshit". Nevertheless, most people still trust the WHO and the governments that decided on these measures.
Even an extremely sympathetic and carefully formulating scientist like Daniele Ganser is met with rejection.
From statements by Ganser:
"Let's build bridges again! 
Everyone belongs to the human family."
"One piece of advice I would like to give you is that you always - no matter who your opponents are - engage in conversation with them."
Will a diatribe on t-online entitled: "That's why Daniele Ganser is so dangerous" something like this:
"Conspiracy ideologues (like Ganser) pursue only one goal, to divide society in order to ultimately destroy democracy." (Ludwig Spaenle)
How can this be? Obviously, perception and clear thinking is severely impaired, even in intelligent people. And these signs clearly speak for fear. Or for a mental disorder.
The majority wants to believe that although isolated mistakes happen, the system of power is generally in order: politicians make laws in the interest of the common good. The mass media educate. The corporations produce products that make our lives more pleasant.
Occasionally, there are hints of this ideal world. There are local politicians who care about the welfare of their city or region. There is information in the mass media that is correct and does not primarily serve manipulation. Corporations produce many useful and pleasant things.
The problem is: arms companies want to sell weapons and have no interest in peace. Pharmaceutical companies want to sell pharmaceuticals and have no interest in health. Financial corporations want money and have no interest in people's well-being.
And these giant corporations with their billion-dollar budgets have a growing influence on politicians and the mass media. These are not isolated cases and exceptions. This is a problem of principle.
I can understand it when people cling to this ideal world view. It offers support. And one feels safe in the herd of the majority. That's why I try to take their fear seriously in conversations. Unfortunately, I don't always succeed.
The signs and evidence are slowly getting out of hand that the big actions presented to us as salvation from certain dangers are being pulled off for other reasons. And more and more people are fortunately seeing through the game. And once you see through it, you are immune to propaganda.
The Corona coercion and vaccination campaigns do not primarily serve our health. The arms deliveries to Ukraine are not primarily for peace or freedom. The climate change hysteria does not primarily serve a healthy environment.
Yours, Lars Ebert"